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12-17 Steppin it up a notch

Well we are working hard at going viral. It's starting to pay off. Numbers have jumped so much thanks to some really great music lovers, friends and new supporters. We are just so thankful.

We were invited to take part in licensing our 4 new releases to place in a pool for use on tv shows, radio and sporting events. Have our fingers crossed they'll need something for something. :)

We have a shot at playing the Utica Music Festival next year and are awaiting confirmation as well as the Riverhead Blues Festival on Long Island.

We acquired fans as far as the UK now with more rolling in from around the globe thanks to getting worldwide internet radio play.

We're just happy as clams. And we haven't even made our big debut yet. But what you hear is what you get. We don't believe in over producing. We are as real as they come. We like to "keep it real" Studio time booked for February. Lots going on. So STAY TUNED!

12-12 Recording Session

We spent 12 hours at Becks Studio in Greenport (www.beckstudios.com) recording 4 songs we hope will excite everyone as much as it does us. Rik Beck is a master at engineering. It truly is a gift. We are heading back to complete mixing and the fine touches tomorrow. We believe in the LIVE SOUND recording. It has to be sweet, clean, rockin but not over produced to what you will not be doing live. With that in mind, we worked so hard to nail the songs and details for live play so that the recording would represent the Lesus Mor Band and what you will get when you SEE us. Thats our belief and we stick by it.

We recorded our originals; Get Back, Dead Head Train to Nowhere, Dawn of a New Day and Goodbye America. Terry McCrum Photography came out to take shots of us recording and a few group shots as well. We all shared cards and stories with Rik who was such a wonderful host and professional. It was great getting to know him and his wife Gage. He appreciated we had our music together before showing up to record. Most songs we got in 2 takes. Vocals same. It really was very professional all around. So many have encouraged us on facebook, email, etc. and showed such excitement about our first CD release. Well, within the next 18 hours it should be up for the world to hear. Thanks to all who support us. We hope to have an album of music ready by the end of January when we will be visiting Rik again. It's so exciting. We are all like big kids in a candy store. So STAY TUNED!

12-2-10 YAYA Session

Great rehearsal. Went over songs for demo. Finessing each song and working on strategy for a few gigs and promotion. All coming together. STAY TUNED!

11-26-10 JAM NIGHT!

We had a jam with a friend just messing around and next thing you know Bill came up with two new songs and Gregg had 2 himself. And they KICK butt! They're gonna rock big time. It's amazing. Everyone in this band contributes and writes and Bill sang too for the first time and blazed on the harp and it was great. STAY TUNED peeps!

11-23-10 Suffolk Times Article

By Beth Young | November 23, 2010 in Business, Featured Stories

...Members of The Contractors, a North Fork cover band, all knew the grind of playing material that isn’t their own. Some have regrouped as Lesus Mor, a band that plays all-original music influenced by classic rock. The group has seen what they consider a revolution in acceptance of live music on the North Fork. “Four Doors Down in Mattituck has done an excellent job of promoting original music. They really encourage people,” said Lesus Mor’s keyboard player, Gregg Schweitzer, at the band’s rehearsal in Cutchogue Saturday night. Growing audience, venues for bands on the North Fork...

Full Article: http://suffolktimes.timesreview.com/2010/11/4137/growing-audience-venues-for-bands-on-the-north-fork/

11-20-10 Interview with the Suffolk Times

We had a great rehearsal that started out with an interview with the Suffolk Times Newspaper. They came to take photos and ask questions about us and the music scene out here on the North Fork. It will appear in November 24th issue. They are also interviewing our friends the Black Petals who recently took the stage at Stephens Talkhouse with guest, Saturday Night Live star Jimmy Fallon. They wanted to know about venues that support music, is it possible to make a living with it and how we came about, our bios, what the band will be doing in coming months, goals and writing music. Reporter Beth Young was gracious enough to stay and hear a song we were working on and decided to stay for 3. She loved the works and our philosophy about writing and creating with total freedom to share and express amongst each other. We are our own genre as we grow together. We are so diverse yet have our own personality. I think she understood after listening as everyone else will in months to come.

It was a good night. We got much done and hung as friends until 1am or so talking and having a good time. We even had someone(a fellow musician) tell us the "family" element is what many good bands lack and that he was envious of such a thing at this time because he isn't feeling it. So, things are good in the land of MOR. We can't wait to make our debut and share our creativity with the world. Until then, STAY TUNED and PEACE!

11-15-10 YAYA Session

Had a great practice tonite. Rehearsed about 3.5 hours. Had our friend "A" come down and sing some background vocals. Sounded awesome. Maribeths song "When you close your eyes" has awesome potential to be a hit. Getting worked out. Its all good. STAY TUNED ALL!

Next practice gonna be Saturday nite. Really working hard to get songs just right. yet they still change a bit now and then as someone brings a new idea to the table. It's great. Its all coming together. And were just having fun and enjoying the ride!

11-11-10 YAYA Session

Well, we had a great rehearsal last nite though we were without Keith who was stuck at work. We covered all the songs for the demo and then ventured into a few others we havent had time to work on. We did "Flying High" "Train Song" "When You Close Your Eyes"(this is brand spankin new)

So all is good. We shot for Les but wound up getting Mor. And isn't that what its all about? STAY TUNED!


Demo Coming-Mor or Les

We're working hard on the website to make it come alive. Any ideas or thoughts anyone has please feel free to share with us...It looks like we have a great mix of songs to put on the demo. Below is the list we came up with and it's quite diverse which is exactly what we want to showcase. How many we'll get done in this visit to the studio we shall see...1. Dawn of a New Day: slow, Floydish tune that is all feel.2. Get Back: funky, driving song3. Dead Head Train to Nowhere: cultish, retro classic 4. I'm Coming Home: Retro punk era 5. Soundtrak: rockin, Who-esque feel song with dynamic changes 6. Goodbye America Goodbye: heartland folkish song 7. Friends: hoppin participation diddy

MOR  (almost 7 years ago)

December 12th we will be in the studio recording our first demo. We are hoping for 3 songs but have 6 prepared to go:
1. Get Back
2. Dawn of a New Day
3. Dead Head Train to Nowhere
4. Soundtrak
5. I'm Coming Home
6. Goodbye America Goodbye

Can't wait. We're all excited to move forward and this is the first major step.

MOR  (almost 7 years ago)

WE ARE BOOKED! How about this for strange karma. We're booked 12/12 from 12 to 12~ HA!

11-8-10 Rehearsal

We did some detailing work! Stop and go work on each song for demo. Cleaning up trouble spots and working some new ideas into the songs such as dynamics, stops, etc. Came out great.

Sound was good. Songs are good. And the band is GOOD! :) What more can you ask for. Steppin up to 2 practices a week to get things right. Have so many new songs to do but demo is our priority right now. So STAY TUNED!