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MOR comin at cha~

We've written so many songs we have the "good problem" of weeding through and working on material. With the addition of Paul Colucci on drums and Doc J on guitar we have moved into a more defined direction. Having fun and writing music and then sharing it with the world. We hope many will become a part of a little MOR in 2013...

MORE on MOR...

Busy... Busy... Busy... Thats about the easiest way to put it anyway. And busy is a good thing in the World of MOR.

We are booking so much we have to step back because there are so many things we need to do. As our last email stated, we have a new drummer, Mike Dilgen. He comes to us from Port Jefferson, NY. A hard rock drummer who goes through sticks like kids go through candy, he brings power and drive to all that is MOR. We have gigged at Lulu's already which was a complete success along with our friends, The Black Petals. Awesome crowd and electricity there. We are looking forward to opening for National touring band, "For the Taking" this Saturday 3/24 @ 7p @ Middle Country Beer Garden in Centereach, NY (formerly Mulcahys).

We added the Middle Country Beer Garden to our list of venues in upcoming months as well as O'briens in Coram, 89 North in Patchogue and Whoville in Bethpage. There's a whole list of venues yet to be booked that are awaiting MOR... Stay Tuned for those!

As far as songs, we have been getting Mike caught up on our setlist and beyond it. We have so many songs we are starting to pick and choose what we want to play out. It's always good to have options. We have a long list of songs on the TO DO list. 2 we have pulled out to work on and prepare to record are, "Peaceful Man" & "Concrete Garden". Two really punk, hard hitting rock/punk style songs that are a lot of fun.

We recorded, "Tears of the Angels" @ PMA Studio with our friend Paul Andrejack. What a fantastic job he did. We look forward to possibly doing a show with "Andrejack" in April. Stay Tuned. You wont wanna miss that...

We had a photo shoot with our friend Hannah Gray of Greenport. What fantastic shots she took. They are featured on our website and Facebook page. www.lesusmorband.com www.facebook.com/lesusmorband www.reverbnation.com/lesusmor

That's all for now. MOR is in full swing. Things are looking up. We're moving forward and most of all enjoying the ride. New friendships, collaborations, fans, shows, etc. It's very exciting...

Peace, Love & ROCK N ROLL~ Mari, Gregg, Bill, Jimmy & Mike

Happenings... in the World of MOR

There's a lot going on right now in the world of MOR.

Average Joe's Eclectic Jam Parade is busy the next few months.

2/5-We're marching into NYC where we will take the stage along with our friends The Black Petals @ the Mercury Lounge. Tickets available 1/18 thru Ticketmaster. Check our page for details.

2/18-We will be playing for our home crowd @ Four Doors Down in Mattituck.

3/10-Lulu's in Pt Jefferson with our friends the Black Petals.

3/24-Mulchays Centereach along with The Dead Rockstars, Toryn Green of Fuel and more...

3/31-The Jam Parade hits Whoville in Bethpage. Joining the Retro 69 band, a tribute to the music of the 60s, we will be the opening act and only Original band which is truly an honor. They love our music because it's representative of the time and festival bands of the 60s. And its all original BABY~ __________________________________________ In other happenings, we are working on a few tunes we picked from the endless pile of ideas we have. Currently we are working on, "Concrete Garden"-a straight up punk/rock song. "Tears of the Angels"-is a steady melodic, hard rock ballad. This is our next choice for the studio. We will be recording this next month with our friend Paul Andrejack. "Only a Love Song"-is a killer rock tune. Maribeth came up with this one. Driving guitar and phat B3 with a solid bass line. Vocals tear it up~ "Oreo Love Song"-a late 70s early 80s hard rock feel. Think Pat Benatar or Heart. "Less IS More" Theme style jam song. Gregg has been fiddling with this a while with the band. Its starting to take some shape. This is only some of what we have worked on and we are blessed to have many MOR ideas to get to. ___________________________________________ In other news, We were played on several internet radio broadcasts. Our fanbase has grown by leaps in the past few months. We've made connections with some great people, venues and fellow musicians... which is what the Jam Parade is ALL ABOUT... No egos and BS. Music is about individuality and sharing. Its not a contest but more a partnership between musicians. Those who dont share that usually dont last or stay interested too long. Its about friendship, love, peace in doing it all and music as the common denominator. Whats better? ___________________________________________ STREET TEAMERS WANTED Invite friends to the world of MOR. Share our Reverbnation or Facebook links with them. Catch a show. Support Local/Original Music. Make some friends. Show some love. Hey, were just an average bunch of Joes (and JoAnns for you ladies). We work, we have families, etc. But we love music. Writing it, playing it, sharing it. It's always from the heart and uniquely us as is it with any musicians/bands. This is what its all about. Spread the Peace & Love and KEEPIN ON ROCKIN...

See you all soon we hope. Be safe until we meet. Be well, be happy & much PEACE~ Gregg, Bill, Jimmy. Ernie, Barb, Maribeth


Here's wishing all our wonderful peeps a safe, memorable and enjoyable Holiday Season. Hoping it totally ROX. So get your groove on, phunk it on up and get on down and dont forget to see MOR when we're around... We're working on a few new songs. The latest being "Tears of the Angels" which started with an idea Jimmy had. Great tune. Think your really gonna like it. Along with "Concrete Garden" which is hard hitting, straight up, Rock/Punk song about getting the jam on... We have a show Dec 17th at Four Doors Down in Mattituck. Make some plans to come and check out the show. Say hit and spread some holiday cheer. PEACE, LOVE & MUSIC our wonderful peeps. You make it all worthwhile...

We're Goin Thru Some Changes!

Since the bands inception we've had Tom behind the drums. We practiced in his home. He and his wonderful wife Jeanette were so hospitable and generous to everyone. Well, after our last show we had a sit down about the bands direction, what we all wanted and what it would take to get there. We had some different perspectives on this. So Tom decided to graciously bow out of LMB. We wish him nothing but the best and to enjoy music to the fullest in his beautiful studio room he built in his basement.

Replacing Tom is a veteran of many years, Ernie Schneider. He has played in numerous bands, is steady as they come and looking for a different approach-helping create originals. We've already seen some masterful changes occuring. Along with his wife Barbara aka Schmoupy, who will be doing background vocals and tambourine, we expect to move to the next level for this band. Things are starting to come together with some really kool friends, some networking connections, some love man... we hope 2012 will be a truly rocking one for MOR. We're heading west more and into the Great Wide Open.

We won a free studio recording/mastering session with the awesome and talented Paul Andrejack at his PMA Studio in Medford. Now we just have to decide which song we are going to do. To be discussed at next rehearsal.

Our 4 new songs we've been promising are coming. Our engineer has had major MAC problems. I know... Macs are usually pretty good. This one needs some juice in the radiator we're told. So while thats getting tuned up we are waiting. One day and those songs will be done. Fingers crossed for sooner rather than later.

We hope all our peeps will meet us there and hop the bus on this crazy, wild, Average Joe eclectic jam parade.



Where to start... 1) First off we did record 4 new songs at Beck Studios. During the mixing process there was some technical problems which delayed the project. Then Irene hit causing more problems. So we are still waiting to get that completed. We think your really going to like the songs. Here's a brief description: BETTER DAZE: Folky Rock tune about life and struggles. SOUNDTRAK: Melodic Rock about how life is a soundtrack and it seems theres always the perfect song. HEY LIL MAMA: Punk, rockin song about a guys desire to get to know a woman he's been admiring. AMERICAN PRIDE: Folk, Americana tune about tough times but getting through and being proud.

2) Gregg will be standing in & performing with the Long Island band MAD CO, NY's Best Bad Company Tribute band, October 8th @ the YMCA Boulton Center for the Arts in Bayshore, NY.

3) Our next show October 15th @ Four Doors Down in Matittuck, will feature a new face on drums. Ernie Schneider. Ernie is a long time friend who is one of the best drummers out here.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our drummer Tom. We can't thank him enough for opening his home and giving us a great studio to play in. He and his wife Jeanette were wonderful. We struggled with different goals and musical tastes. So we say farewell for now as band mates and wish him happiness and joy in music.

4) Seems were the #1 Jam band on Reverbnation charts for the whole area out here. Thats exciting. There are some really good bands in the area and Southern Ct. It really makes us feel like we're getting there. Facebook friends have increased, song plays, page hits, etc. We're really reaching out to our friends and fellow musicians. They have reached back. Thats the beauty of peace, love & music...

WHATS NEXT? We have so many new songs. We have a great rehearsal space in what we call the "barn". The acoustics are amazing. We are writing songs and sharing ideas. Having fun, getting along and playing music is what we're all about. We have a new backup singer in the works. She's learning parts and will be adding her creative ideas to the mix as well. You'll see Barbara out soon.

So Stay Tuned Peeps. We'll keep writing and hopefully you'll keep listening! PEACE, LOVE & MUSIC~

'Festivus de Musicus' For All!

fes·tive/ˈfestiv/Adjective1. Of or relating to a festival.2. Cheerful and jovially celebratory.

As a NOFO musician, I know how many talented artists there are out here. And yet I hear of more and more each week. It's a fantastic miscalculation. There is nothing better than the arts and those willing to share them. Many times sharing is the problem. Many artists like to keep their gifts tightly packaged at home. Others write great songs but don't play out together or have opportunity. Then there are those that love to play out but venues opening up to them is sometimes difficult.

So, what does this all have to do with Festivus? I thought a blog about the plight of musicians on the North Fork "coming out" and getting some air time might be fitting. Why not in a Festival? Now I know many would say we have the NOFO Folk Festival and a few bands play on the barge etc. Those are great for music in general. They even have some local artists appear. Local can tend to mean Suffolk County at times too.

There are many bands and artists right here on the North Fork that should be encouraged to step up and share their gifts. How about a festival just for local talent? One day event! If a venue would step up and people would come together and network, we could have a wonderful showing of local talent. Would it be so wrong to have the NOFO known for not only its farm fresh veggies, etc. but also its MUSIC? Not at all!

Many musicians don't get the opportunity to play locally in front of their own friends and family often. They hit the road to go west. As fas as NYC many times. Some have done well and been at it a while. Others are starting out or unsure about actually leaving the garage. As a town, we could certainly encourage artists to share their gifts. It would be amazing to see them all. I heard a young lady sing at this years Relay for Life. She was amazing. I heard another young lady sing and play guitar recently. She is 14 years old and is phenomenal. Not all adults by any stretch.

Our yearly festival is very exciting. It brings artists we remember from the past back to graze in our fields while playing songs that will never easily be forgotten. There is some local talent present to fill in between the lineup changes. But I suggest a day once a year for our own artists to shine. To come together as one and write, jam, share and play wonderful music. How amazing this would be and good for the area as well as the participating venues.

As you can tell, this is a "think and react" blog. So... what DO YOU THINK? What are your feelings on it? How do you feel about local artists taking the stage? Would you go?

A little Festivus for the rest of us never hurt anyone! Peace, Love & Music!


Lots going on in the world or MOR. First off, we're booking shows and getting ready to head west into the city and abroad. We are redoing YAYA studio to make it a professional style studio where we can really let the creative juices flow as well as have fellow musicians can come down and jam or even rehearse eventually. In time we will have it setup to record demos as well. The main thing is networking with fellow musicians which is what the music scene is all about to us.

We have several new songs on the way. And as is the custom of LMB, they are quite diverse but represent WHO WE ARE to a T! Bill wrote a very cool rocker that kicks serious ass. We pretty much have "Peaceful Man" down which is a punk rocker. "One Mor Margarita" which is Jimmys baby and Maribeth wrote the lyrics. Very tex mex! "Ice Cream with My Baby" will be a fantastic summer time song. It has some inuendos that make it quite sassy and fun!

We hope to preview a few at Four Doors Down on June 18th. So please join us. It'll be a lot of fun.

This is all about having fun, writing music from the heart, peace, love and MUSIC! We love to share with others, network with our fellow artists, respect each other and live in peace together. What more can you want in life right??? Stay Tuned!

NoFo Original Music Scene: Why Bands Do It and Can They Thrive?

Can original music thrive on the steps of the town? How do residents and visitors see the original music scene here on the East End? Whats your feelings on what you see? We'd like to know. Is it more cover songs you want to hear when out? Or do you have a special appreciation for those who live in the area who write music from the heart? I think a big thing people overlook about bands is what goes into being an original band that makes it more appreciative than just "playing"... What makes them so special anyway? ... for more: http://northfork.patch.com/blog_posts/nofo-original-music-scene-why-bands-do-it-and-can-they-thrive#c

May 21st, 2011 Relay for Life Fundraiser Concert

We are hosting a FUNDRAISING EVENT May 21st @ the Southold American Legion Hall. Route 25/Main Rd. Southold 7-11pm. Tickets are $20pp. There will be a cash bar, giveaways and some of the greatest local talent around playing including: Maribeth Mundell & Anthony LaScala-doing acoustic covers to open the night; The Black Petals-accomplished local artists who have been rockin with the likes of Jimmy Fallon @ The Stephen Talkhouse in recent days as well as making their mark on NYC and all over Long Island; Deep Rising-Nic Kerzner and his mates with their progressive style and great vocals will light up the room; Lesus Mor-the majority of which were part of the east end cover band The Contractors, have come into their own as Original artists writing dozens of diverse/dynamic songs and finding airplay from here to the UK to Australia.

Please help our team and the cause by making plans to attend. All Artists are donating their time & gifts for the cause and ALL proceeds will go to directly to the ACS Relay for Life via the team. Help us by telling others about this event. We can only sell approx. 250 tickets. We started getting confirmations already. Please help us sell this event out!!!