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Thank you!!

This is my first blog entry for the band so take it easy on me please. \m/. After four years, you would think a bass player woulda had time to do more - lol. Anyways, I am gonna kick it off by thanking each and everyone of our fans, friends and family that have supported this band since the inception. What started out as a fun hobby has turned into one of the coolest, craziest and most rewarding things I, along with my bandmates, have ever experienced. To be able to create something and have people from all over the world to listen to it and like it, is one of the coolest feelings ever. That feeling makes all of the sacrifices to do what we do worth it. So thank each and every one of you that has taken the time to listen and share our name and music - it means more to us than you'll ever know!!

Check back regularly for more blogs and feel free to comment...

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Herman  Bulatetskiy
Herman Bulatetskiy  (about 4 years ago)

Hi all again) So what about 'lyrics' section? I'm not regular facebook user, so can u maybe write "Teacher" lyrics here?) Best regards, guys, ROCK N ROLL!