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"Once And For All" (EP) (2014) NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE!!!

The time has arrived! Our NEW EP "Once And For All" is now up on #BandCamp for only $5! I was able to post the credits and lyrics (both also available on our Encyclopedia Metallum page as well), so check those out if you'd like, but I know all of you are just dying to hear the new riffs and solos haha...

Special thanks to the "newcomer" Mike Dreher of Condition Critical, for helping me out with this EP. Mike's bass playing is some of the sickest I've ever heard. Also, a special thanks to Tony Barhoum (Condition Critical AND ex-Legionary). You're not gonna find a better lead guitarist in the Tri-State than Tony. I also can't forget to thank Dave Andronico (@ David Andronico Music) for once again being so easy to work with. Looking forward to more projects in the future!

BUY THE EP HERE: https://legionary.bandcamp.com/


- Frank

Legionary now on Twitter!

Guess who's now on Twitter? That's right... Follow Legionary now!


"Arcane Divisions" is now on Bandcamp!

The "Path Of Tyranny" EP and our debut album "Arcane Divisions" are now available on Bandcamp!: http://legionary.bandcamp.com/

The "Path Of Tyranny" EP is now only available for download on Bandcamp

We are now on Bandcamp! The "Path Of Tyranny" EP was on SoundCloud for 3 months as a free download... Late comers will now have to purchase the EP for $3 :P... Or you could just download the torrent like a cheapo haha... All jokes aside, I'm not broke, but purchasing this EP (even if you already have it), will be help towards the next Legionary release (which will likely be "Arcane Divisions" remixed/remastered)... ALL money I get for PoT will go towards the next Legionary release, guaranteed! Besides, it's a measly $3 :D... The link is below...


"Path Of Tyranny" is here!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages... We bring to you the "Path Of Tyranny" EP!

All the song credits and thanks are there if you click on the opening track "Freedom's Demise (Intro)"... The lyrics are there as well if you click on tracks 2-4

HUGE thanks to everyone involved: Rory, Kevin, Mike, Dave, and even Tony (who wrote a few solo licks for 2 songs when I first started the project, that we kept in)... You guys all killed it during the recording, and this was BY FAR the easiest and most pleasant recording experience that I've ever had... It was a true honor to work with such talented professionals!

Now what are you waiting for? Download the EP, and then blast it on your surround sound speakers, or in your car! But please, give us feedback... We would love to hear what you all think! Thanks!

- Frank


"Path Of Tyranny" is now being called an EP

So let it be known that "Path Of Tyranny" is no longer being called a "demo"... We are now calling it an "EP"... This decision was made because of a few reasons... Mainly because sonically, this WILL NOT sound like a "demo"... We also feel that calling it an "EP" just makes it bigger, and believe me these songs are certainly some of Legionary's biggest and best to date! We even changed the artwork a tad (The logo placement is a little different, and we replaced the word "demo" with "EP", so check out our default pic)

The Legionary YouTube channel has moved!

Please subscribe to the new official Legionary Youtube page right here: http://www.youtube.com/user/thelegionary07?feature=mhee

Drum and guitar vids coming soon!

Upcoming demo information released!

So by now, most of you know about the upcoming demo "Path Of Tyranny"... The studio dates for drum/bass recording are all but confirmed for late September/early October... Here's the tracklisting, and info for this recording:

1. Freedom's Demise (Intro) 2. Disgrace Of The Union 3. Government-Media Complex 4. An Inconvenient Lie


Frank D'Erasmo (Drums/Rhythm Guitars) Mike Carra (Bass) Rory Smith Robinson (Lead Guitars) Kevin O'Laughlin (Vocals)

These new songs feature a different guitar tuning (D standard) than we used on "Arcane Divisions", but that doesn't make them any less intense... If anything, they are more intense than anything off of AD... Though these songs have more of an "epic" feel, they are definitely the heaviest and thrashiest Legionary songs ever... Time draws near!

New vocalist announcement!

Legionary would like you all to welcome our new vocalist Kevin O'Laughlin into the family... We are very excited to have such a versatile voice record for us on the upcoming 4 song demo "Path Of Tyranny"... He will be doing things never before done in Legionary

The demo lineup is now complete, and we can't wait to get this thing under way!

A demo will be recorded later this year!

***UPDATE: Legionary is currently planning on recording a 4 song (one of the songs being an intro) demo later this year, with an estimated release date of Early 2013. The working title of this demo is "Path Of Tyranny". The songs are politically themed, average around 4 minutes, and feature a new tuning for the band. The songs are in D standard tuning, which is a change from their usual C standard tuning. Regardless of the higher tuning, these songs are quite possibly Legionary's most intense to date, and feature a more thrashy/"epic" feel. The goal this time around is to have a more modern sounding mix. D'Erasmo feels that this demo will once again make a statement to the underground metal scene, that Legionary is not only one of the best underground/unsigned metal bands today, but the best. More info on this release coming soon!