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The sad reality

Unfortunately for us all there will be no RONUS reunion due to the fact that drummer Jim Gross has realized he no longer qualified to preform the mayhamic thrash that is RONUS. Seems he is more willing to hone his bar talents :( Good luck to you in all your endeavors J. Gross.....


RONUS MEMBERS Ron RONUS Snyder & Jim Gross are reuniting for summer mayhem! Planing to deliver live video footage and unreleased material as well as classic RONUS style Thrash! prepare your selfs for the onslaught! Updates and shows to come, stay tuned....


Seems that alot of "Rappers", "Beat makers" or whatever ask me to accept them as fans. (I accept all fans.) However I don't have a clue as to why seeing I think Rap is for talentless hacks who make bad poetry about things I have NO care of or interest in. And have no REAL instruments or musicians in it. In my music I play most of the instruments my self, I don't use some fruity loops fake shit beats. So in short, if you want my respect and have me checkout your "music" play the instruments yourself! BEATS ARE FOR CHEATS!

This concludes this bulletin of the RONUS broadcasting network of Thrash Metalers \m/

A Thank You

I must thank everyone that has fanned RONUS and left comments. Thank You All! And spread the metal ;)