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And The Climb Continues...

I have learned quite a few things traveling through this thing called life. But the most important to me is "Stay true to your ROOTS". Now... I love my heritage but I am not referring to those "ROOTS". Not the very thing that laid the foundation for what anchors the crazy pattern of curls that crowns my big ass head... I am actually referring to tree ROOTS... those that anchor you and are existence when the wind blows and your leaves have all fallen off. The ROOTS that continue to feed and hydrate you when your too week, dry and brittle to do it for yourself. Those ROOTS are the ROOTS I shall continue to stay true to. If you are a part of my life... be a part of the ROOTS... my foundation needs to be anchored by solid, unmovable ROOTS. And now... the Climb Continues... #SoulLegacyEntertainment #SupportIsKey

Your So Beautiful

Give the world a show...No I am ain't gone be going up down up down up down no time soon but it is time to do some climbing! #KissMeCuzImLovely


Take some time and look around you as you're pushing toward reaching your goals. Watch you're friends close but you're enimies even closer. And always remember...haters can be beneficial.


Okay...after doing a private party last night and being so exhasted that I had to call in to work today, it is completely. Clear to me...I would definitely rather be worn out from doing something I love then something that just 'pays the bills'. Time to make it happen!!

Nike Motivation!!

Okay...so for some reason I am on some grit and grind hustle and shine right now. So if you are in my circle and want to stay there ...you better get on my level!! LET'S DO IT"!