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The Ruins

The Ruins is on sale now. Upon listening you will notice the band has taken on a more dark and brooding direction. This album is not for everybody but if you want a 50 minute ride from epic to melancholy touching on the genres of gothic rock and doom metal this cd may be for you.

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Hey everyone...... It's been fantastic getting out and meeting you all at these last several shows. It's heartwarming to learn that there are still people out there with a passion for live original music. We're going to do our part and begin writing our follow up CD to Deliverance. Check back often to these pages for progress updates and meanwhile, we'll see you on the road. H.E.

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Deliverance Drops Soon!

Hello, and welcome to the Haunting Eden blog on Reverb Nation. We are happy to announce that recording is complete for our debut album entitled "Deliverance", and we are now in the post production phase. We hope to have a product available by mid-December. In the meantime, we will be adding songs for you to preview. Right now, check out Like Water. This song will get into your head. Yes, it is that good. Soon, you will be able to listen to the next song, entitled "Another Round". This song is a beautiful mix of melody and brutality that you will only hear from Haunting Eden.

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Happy listening, everyone! Make sure you stop back by and check out the new songs!

-Haunting Eden