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The future

Hey guys, It's Alex. Just wanted to let everyone that isn't in tune with our Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube what's going on. We will be releasing a new single, "A Wishing Well" on 11/11 and our EP "Stuck In Neverland - EP" on 11/22. As for our full-length album, A Secret To Share, we're predicting a winter release for those. Currently we have everything for all our releases tracked and mixed to an extent. There will be further steps taken in the mixing of Stuck In Neverland and A Secret To Share is being sent out to New York to be mixed and finalized. We want to thank everyone for their enormous help and support! We couldn't ask for a better fan base. Everything we've been working on with this has been for you all, and we really hope you all find the best in this album. With much love, Alex Jongbloed


So our debut EP, Bad Jokes, has finally hit fan's ears! Go to our Facebook to give it a listen! We are currently working on a Spring tour, as well as a music video for one of the songs from our EP and our full-length album, which should be expected by the end of 2012! Keep your eyes and ears open folks! 2012 is gonna be a big one for JAS!


Hey guys,

Our album, This Album is $6.99, will be re-recorded, and renamed due to some obstacles we've encountered, we are hoping to release it before the end of this year! Just stay in touch, and we'll release it as soon as we possibly can!

Our Band

Hey everybody! What's happenin? We're in the process of recording a album! However we have just received a new email from a certain producer who wants to work with us. We've got tons of tracks that we want you guys to hear, and we'll release them as soon as we can!

Thanks, Alex