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Merry Christmas everyone!

Today we released our new song "This Christmastime" on iTunes! We hope you enjoy it - it was a ton of fun to record. Under the image below you can see the guys that we performed with on the record. Below are a few fun interview questions about the song and Christmas. Have a merry Christmas, New Years and we'll be out playing shows all the time. Check the tour page for dates comobrothersband.com/tour. See you soon!

1. Take us through the inspiration behind your new single "This Christmastime"

Matt Como: To give you some background on the song I wrote this song while I was in my senior year at college in my dorm room at Loyola University in Maryland. Finals were over and just about everyone had gone home for Christmas break - I had a final exam on one of the last possible days! I was basically the only one there. It seemed like the campus was totally empty so it gave me a lonely feeling. At the time I was dating a girl from Loyola and she had just gone home for break which added to that feeling. I heard some Christmas music playing and being a growing songwriter I thought it would be cool to have my own Christmas song. I remember thinking that I hadn't heard any cool new and 'classic' sounding Christmas songs - everything playing is always all these songs that have been overplayed a million times so I wanted to make a cool new song people could listen to for the holiday season.

So I tried to capture all the positive feelings I have about Christmas -- lights glowing, mistletoe, snowflakes falling, stars in the midnight sky, the smell of cooking, happiness, singing, family parties, peace, love. At the same time I was alone on campus so there was a longing in the song to be with that special somebody and there was the acknowledgement that it is hard to be alone during 'this time of year' around the holidays. It was fun to write and I believe it was finished in couple hours that night.

2. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Matt Como: Andrew and I have family parties every year so I'd say that's my favorite tradition. It's nice to see our extended family. We see my Mom's side of the family Christmas day and my Dad's side of the family Christmas eve. Our Uncle's are all musical and played in bands growing up in Queens in the late 1970's into the 1980's. So it is cool to catch them up with the music going on in our lives and usually someone breaks out a guitar or piano for a jam.

Live From 89 North coming soon!

We have been saving all summer to finish our live album and video series. We are very excited that the CDs' are ordered and the videos should be done soon. Live From 89 North will also be available on Itunes. We will be posting the release date soon.

2014 Summer Tour Schedule

Our summer tour schedule is heating up! Please check out our schedule and come to a show!


Thanks, Matt and Andrew

Fall 2013 Blog

On October 25th 2013 we are opening for American Idol winner David Cook at 89 North in Patchogue Long Island. We could really use your support at this gig - please get your ticket through us here: http://comobrothersband.brownpapertickets.com/

Other big news: our first full length album drops October 1 2013. We couldn't be more proud of it -- get it on iTunes when it's out please!!

Thanks for all of the support we have been getting recently from new fans and from long time supporters as well. We appreciate it - it's good to know you got our backs

Talk soon -Matt & Andrew

Spring 2013

Hi people of Reverb - busy spring and summer ahead. The new EP Still Waters will be released very soon this month!

We are in the final stages of mixing of our first full length album as well. No release date planned yet but we will be busy planning promo activities.

Our new website is launched: www.comobrothersband.com Check it out. Share it. Let us know what you think! We will be blogging there and updating it frequently!

Much more to come! -M&A

Feb 2013

Our new EP Still Waters is being mixed and mastered this week!! Can't wait for everyone to hear some of the songs we've been making. ALSO, new announcement: new WEBSITE coming very soon! -M&A

...Into Spring 2013

We have been busy in the studio throughout November/December & January. Just released our new single "Parachute", did a music video with Kayla Stockert in Dec for the song "What They Say", and are getting ready to release a NEW EP in March (2013). Mixing and mastering of this 5 song EP is happening at Vudu Studios in Port Jeff by Mike Watts, and Steven Haigler. Tom Flynn engineered, and also produced alongside Mike Watts.

We also simultaneously recorded and are done tracking our first 12 song full length album. It needs to be mixed and mastered as well. No release date scheduled for this one, probably later in 2013 after the new EP lives a little bit.

Follow us! http://www.twitter.com/comobrosband

talk soon all, ^ac&mc

2012 Spring & Summer Recap

Wow 2012 has been busy. 31 gigs have been played so far this year. We played Warped Tour (Nassau Coliseum), Jones Beach Theater, 6 Flags/Great Adventure in Lake George, and tons of local Long Island & Manhattan gigs.

We recorded and released our first professionally done EP "The Speed of Sound" in January. Over the summer we also tracked 11 new songs. We are going to record 3-5 more and release a 12 song album in mid 2013. The extra songs that don't make the album will make a nice EP or bonus track collection! We will continue tracking these songs at VuDu Studios with Engineer/Producer Tom Flynn (also working on the project is producer Mike Watts, and assistant engineers Anthony August & Tom Happel).

ALSO, in June/July we worked with another talented artist, Kayla Stockert, writing & recording 3 songs for her debut EP "Castles In The Sand" which will be out soon! (Sept or Oct 2012).

Our music from "The Speed of Sound" EP was licensed to a few different companies as well. Our songs "You Are My World" & "Can I Be Matched With You?" were played in a couple of episodes of MTV's The Real World and E! Entertainment's Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

This past week MTV listed us as an emerging artist on their website. We have an MTV profile now! Very cool since not everyone gets that opportunity (MTV selects the bands).

On YouTube our static "I Don't Like You" song video has over 800,00 views while our other songs there also each have over 100,000 views.

LASTLY we just had a NEW photoshoot with Rick Wenner (Kayla Stockert came along too) to help promote our album next year & Kayla's debut EP

...and our official website is just about done! www.comobrothersband.com -- I am learning how to update it. It is definitely an upgrade over other websites we've had.

Such a busy YET exciting year. We will try to update this blog more. Keep in touch, talk soon, Matt.

Named as Global Emerging Artists by S&IS Shortcut to Sony

The Como Brothers Band were lucky enough to be selected to attend a brand new showcase called The Sony Sound and Image Showcase. Sound and Image Showcase affiliated with Sony Music Entertainment also Bystorm Entertainment Recordings has made this brand new opportunity for emerging Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop & Rock musicians to get invaluable music industry advice while exposing and showcasing their music recordings before Sony Music executive A&Rs and also having the possibility of getting signed. The company was established by Nigerian-American writer/producer Kal Nwaneri and Producer/Engineer/Business Exec Jay Newkirk. Kal Nwaneri is a song writer and producer for Grammy and platinum recording artists like Biz Markie, Will Smith, and Mya. Kal has also spent the last 10 years writing and producing for artists on Def Jam, Bad Boy, Interscope, Jive, RCA and Sony Music. There were three parts to the Showcase. The first was a video shoot where the guys were able to show their sense of humor in front of the camera. Then a photo shoot in front of the Sony logo; A picture is really worth a thousand words! The last part was the long awaited meeting with Sony A&R executive, Kirk Lightburn who works with artist such as J.Cole and Miguel. The meeting went very well and the guys got some great feedback from Mr. Lightburn and Kal Nwaneri. After the incredible day at Sony Headquarters in New York City where The Como Brothers Band was part of "Group 1", they began to take all the advice given by the amazing experts at the Sound and Image Showcase. Then the band started to hear rumors of a 'List'. The 'List' would be a group of people selected by everyone at The Sound and Image Showcase to become one of their Emerging Artists. This would mean that Sony Sound and Image believe they you have what it takes to interest the Sony music A&R executives! They said: "Our #1 goal is to expose your talent to the A&R executives at Sony Music and the world as we launch our 2012 mass media campaigns." On February 29th 2012 The Como Brothers Band was named as Sony Sound and Image Emerging Artists. The Como Brothers Band is on their way to working with S&IS and some of the best producers and executives in music today!

Finals Hard Rock Cafe NYC - Hard Rock Rising

What band will represent NYC in the Hard Rock Rising Contest. Come watch and cheer us on as we play in the Finals of the NYC Hard Rock Rising contest at Time Square NYC Hard Rock. On Feb 13th the Band Line-up and schedule will be announced on the NYC Hard Rock Cafe FB page http://www.facebook.com/hardrockcafenewyork. This link will take you to the Hard Rock Cafe NYC FB Page. Check out the schedule and come see us play! Thanks for the support!