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Closer to You

vs 1 I didn't hear You in rolling thunder or mighty rushing winds. I felt Your Spirit fall upon me and light a fire within

pre chorus Taste and see that the Lord is good and His mercies are new Your loving kindness never fails me

chorus I want to be closer to You I want Your heartbeat beating through me beating through me

vs2 I have a hero that won't disappoint me I have a friend that's true I see you hand stretched before me Asking to follow You

Dear Guitar

Dear Guitar, Lets start from the beginning, before there were notes that resonated from your body. I want to go back to the time where you were a seed planted in fertile soil. Were you placed in the ground with this musical purpose? When you grew, did you stand tall and strong in the sunlight. Did your leaves dance in the wind? I imagine the beautiful songbirds with strange melodies would perch on your branches and teach you primitive songs. Then one day a logger with strong and mighty hands came and took you away from your land and gave you a new identity. Did you ride on a big semi with others or see the country by rail? Who chose you to be made into a guitar? Which hands cut you and shaped you? Hands filled with love took the time to make your head neck and body. I wonder if they have a family who you've helped to feed. Did those hands take you home and fill their house with the first notes? Did children laugh and sing, or were they lonely hands? I may never know your mysteries, but I know what you've given me. Some people may look at you and just see a musical instrument. I see tears, anger, joy, love, heartache, fear, friendship. You are mine and pieces of me reside in you. My thoughts permeate from my soul to my fingers down to your strings into your grains of wood. Maybe it is you that has taught me the songs of old. Let's keep this story alive. Let's keep making music, my guitar. forever yours, Heather