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Practice practice practice..

So, we locked down our new practice area.. we're starting to practice and will be booking some shows for the end of this month/beginning of february.. so look out for us and our posts and make it to one of our shows!! We are truly grateful and appreciative of all our fans, you all rock!

Looking up

Just days back in the swing of things and we are allready climbing the charts. We cant wait till our cd comes out and then you will really see something.

Hello again

Well time to get back to work. We have a new bassist, his name is Ryan and will bring some good bass leads to everything. New practice area is lined up and will be back to work this week. Starting to book shows for late january and on. Look to see us playing several different states over the summer as well. Feels good to get back into the swing of things, come say hello and get your faces melted with metal goodness...

long time gone..

Seems like we took an impromtu hiatus from updating everything online.. But we're back and better than ever! Got all kinds of stuff in the works!! Looking at new merch and getting some new local shows set up as well as our DEBUT CD should be coming out real soon! We want to thank all our die hard fans for always loving us and rocking out with us at our shows .. and for knowing that sometimes there is a road block, but we're some big guys we can break through to the outside and come out swingin'.. nothing is going to hold us back.. One day (soon) you'll hear us on the radio!!

Whats been going on...

We have been working on polishing an working on some new material. Our next show will be a battle of the bands in grandview on the 16th of October. We are returning champions so we will be bringing it this time for sure, check it out.

New to Reverb Nation

Like we said we are new to this shit. Much more to come soon