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All of This is Going Bye-Bye

Chaeya's new EP "Tales from the Dark Secret, Vol. I" will be coming in a few months and all of the current songs will be going away. This is a new step to a fusion with Electronica and Rock, or as the Empress calls it: NetherRock. You will see Ev*A*Dream spark to life with music, videos, photos, and more! Get ready!

Check Out My Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book

I'm not just a singer/songwriter, I'm a published author. Go to http://www.electricgentlemen.com/the_writing.html to read and excerpt and to purchase.

Livestream from the Viper Room

For any of you who'd like to check out a couple of songs from our Viper Room show, click here: http://www.livestre.am/9BiM Unfortunately, there was a problem with the Live Stream, we're working on getting the rest of the footage. Thanks!

June 18th at the Viper Room!

Getting a new band off the ground is definitely exciting. Just watching everything come to life, which incidentally started as a entry in my journal and sketches, is an exhilarating experience. Not only do I promise my fans a step up from our opening show at the Key Club last month, I will have giveaways. I am preparing a small booklet which will have a small bio of the band, lyrics to our current songs, along with stories of how the music and lyrics came about. But wait, there's more, I will include a first chapter teaser of my upcoming novel "Srae Iss-Ka-Mala," a sci-fi fantasy journey. There will also be a 3-song CD, buttons and other goodies in the bag as well. Everyone who buys a ticket will get one. I'm looking to get t-shirts designed in the near future along with trading cards of the band members. We are looking to have our first EP done by August, after we save up the money for mastering. Plus, we have three new songs in the works! Stay tuned!

We're Coming . . .

We come from the alternate universe of Ev*A*Dream to rock you, funk you and do other things which will make you sway and move, to share our stories, take away your worries and set you in our way out groove. So tune your ears and adjust your eyes, dig deep in your heart and watch the skies cuz Chaeya & Her Dark Secret is coming . . .