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Just A Few More Days

Hello ppl!

Just a few more days until the release of my debut mixtape SuperHero In Training. I'm so nervous...and excited at the same time. I mean, this is just the beginning. I have given a few copies to some friends. They are not the usual "yes" ppl. If something sucked, they would tell me. But I have not gotten anything but great reviews on this mixtape. I just hope that the rest of the world feels the same. I will be releasing this mixtape on Datpiff.com. When you access the site, all you'll have to do is just type in the title of my mixtape in the search box. It'll be easy to find, trust me. Like I've been posting on twitter...the mixtape will be released on 8-2-2011. Please, go download it when it is available...and tell ya mothers, ya fathers, sisters brothers, baby mommas, ya frat brothers, sorority sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles...tell every damn body about SuperHero In Training. You will not be disappointed!

Sincerely Joey Price

SuperHero In Training

What's going on people? I just wanted to take the time out to talk to you about my debut mixtape titled SuperHero In Training. I am so excited about releasing this project to the world. I will be releasing it on the mixtape website Datpiff.com, and for my fans who are here in Chicago, I will be handing out hard copies as well.

Now-a-days, rappers are making mixtapes that have original beats. I have decided to take the more nostalgic approach to my mixtape. I have recorded over industry beats which have been made in to songs that you all know and love. I have recorded over "Go Crazy" by Young Jeezy, "Money On My Mind" by Lil Wayne, "Run This Town" by Jay Z, "Hurt Me Soul" by Lupe Fiasco, and many more.

Since I have disclosed the title of my mixtape, people asked me how did I come up with the title. I think the title came to me in a dream...no, I'm just playing. I was watching something on t.v. and it made me think that we as a society tend to place those who have great talents on a pedestal. We treat them as if they are a superior race, when in reality, they are just human beings who are excellent at what they do, and they were in the right place at the right time to get enough exposure for somebody important to notice them. As humans, we tend to glorify the things that we do not have. We see a rapper with a lot of money, so automatically he is greater than us. As a society, we think that just because someone is famous, they are perfect. No one person is perfect. Which is why the tabloids go bananas when Lindsay Lohan is caught drinking, or when Kanye West snatched the microphone away from Taylor Swift. And when I thought about perfection, I thought about superheroes. Superheroes are genetically or intellectually superior to the average human race. They are incorruptible, honest, and they never stray off the path of righteousness. Is this how we imagine famous people? It is irrational to think of the people with fame and money in this way. With this mixtape, I wanted to convey that a person who is aspiring to be a famous hip hop artist has the flaws of a regular human being.

Think of it this way, when you start a new job, your bosses will put you in training. When you are "in training" they are giving you the necessary tools or skills you need to ensure that you are capable of doing the job you have been given. This ideal comes into play with the concept of my mixtape SuperHero In Training. I have the ability to be super...or if you want to use the famous SpiderMan quote, "With great power, comes great responsibility." This mixtape is my journey of acquiring the skills I need to become a successful hip hop artist, and making sure that I use those skills for all the right reasons.

Choosing to do right from wrong is a struggle that everybody faces in their lives. This mixtape is the story of my struggle between right and wrong. I am not perfect. I have made mistakes in my past, and I will continue to make mistakes. Knowing this fact makes living life a little bit easier. You should not let your past mistakes hinder you from living. You have to continuously strive to make yourself better. You are a SuperHero In Training. And for as long as I am here on this Earth, I will forever be a SuperHero In Training.

My mixtape is dropping soon guys! Stay blessed!

-Joey Price


Hey everyone, my name is Joey Price, I am from the Westside of Chicago and I make music. Its been a long day, honestly just ready to relax with my lady. I guess Ima figure out everything on this site soon enough. Right now Im just doing the basic stuff....aite Reverb...holla at y'all later