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Paul Gargiulo wins Akademia award for his song Graveyard Tale.!

Paul Gargiulo Wins Akademia award for his song Graveyard Tale Best Americana song. Invited to LA this April to the Awards show.

Jersey son Paul Gargiulo leaps and Trending!


Jersey Son Paul Gargiulo leaps!


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Paul Gargiulo Band Latest Review of the New CD by Aquarian Mag Tim Louie.


I recently got an email from a dude named Paul Gargiulo, from Caldwell, NJ, asking me to check out his band, The Paul Gargiulo Band. Paul said that the band has a long history, even though, I’ve never heard of them, and I’ve been on the scene for quite some time. He wanted to promote his new live CD, Live At The Franklin, and after hearing songs like “New Way Home,” “Marita,” “Feelin’ American” and “Back On Track,” the CD really captured that live bar band sound.

If you close your eyes and open your ears, you can totally feel that dirty Jersey bar atmosphere, and if you really dug deep you might even be able to smell that bad bar food while your listened to The Paul Gargiulo Band. That’s how well Live At The Franklin captured that sound.

Back in 1991, Paul Gargiulo formed his band with the intent to create original music in North Jersey. Since then they have performed at any venue that will have them, from the tiniest hole-in-the-wall clubs to headlining the best blues bars in NYC, NJ, PA, Memphis and Nashville.

The music of The Paul Gargiulo Band has been described as a cross between blues-rock with a slight funkabilly twist, which I definitely heard. If I had to compare them to somebody, I was going to say Brian Setzer or even The Stray Cats, for that matter. Paul surrounds himself with nothing but top-notch musicians like Ken Adessa on drums and Brad Schwartzseid on bass, who has also done session work with Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora.

The Paul Gargiulo Band is planning to spend the majority of this summer supporting Live At The Franklin. You can log onto paulgargiulo.com to find out where you can catch the band live, or you can go there and buy the CD.

Paul Gargiulo New review of There Latest CD Live At The Franklin


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