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As the hour reaches 4am right now...

I'm giving myself a good reason to write this! At the moment, One Bright Day is at a good place. We're writing new songs and playing some shows, but are also keeping in mind to pace ourselves and relax when the going gets tough, frustrating and stressful.

In response to the last post, we finally do have a song up, being the first song we actually wrote, "On Broken Wings". It's rather lo-fi, but a lot of our friends and fans were simply asking what we sounded like, so we have a taste for you!

Our next show is on 11/26/10, it's a friday, and it's to send off Rebel Sound Records as it is the final show that will ever be held there, since it will be closing at the end of November. While it is very, very unfortunate that this is to be, we invite you to see us alongside The Dance Cancer, Pruf, This Names Taken, Surviving Kenney, They Themselves, and possibly even more names to be added to the bill. Updates on price, time and other bands will be updated by us through our upcoming status thing-ys on these networking sites. In the meantime, have a good one and get to bed.

-Jon H. (the one who plays guitar)

To those who wish to hear our music...

We get a lot of questions from friends, family and fans as to whether or not we have anything they can hear to get a sound of what we are... Well, there's a reason for why we don't.

We, for the sake of ourselves and our fans, wish to provide you with a recording that is at least one step above the level of a single microphone in the middle of our jam space recording the obscene decibel levels of one of our songs.

While we are looking to record the songs we have professionally for an EP, I will bring it up to the rest of our members about using the meager equipment we have to eek out the best recording we can of at least one of our songs for you all to enjoy and to get a glimpse of OBD in our current form.

Thank You,- Jon Hanson