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New G.o.D. Material and upcoming release schedule.

Well at long last, the material is in final stages or at least being looked at again, LOL. Since the new year began we have legitimized our label with the R.I.A.A. and released 'In the Groves [The Y.B. Sub Remix]', 'Take Me As I Am' and 'In the Groves [Single Version]'. Also completed and not released is the album version which is a very different record. I have also been working on a stem package for 'In the Groves' to upload as a Creative Commons remix project in hopes of releasing some of the remixes on a 'maxi-disc'. Scheduled for release in May is the completed studio version of 'Running at Full Speed' and 'Heavy Hearted'.

June will see the release of the first full length CD, 'Hello, My Name is Deviant: The prequel to album 'In G.o.D. We Trust'. We are calling this an e.p. because it will only have 5-6 studio tracks; the singles released so far with the exception of Take Me As i Am'. It will have a remixed version of the video for the live acoustic 'Take Me As I Am'. The CD itself will be filled with writing session takes, alternative mixes totaling 15 tracks.

We have recently formed a great friendship and working relationship with Philadelphia's top band, Bong Hits For Jesus, and Shawn and Steve have graciously agreed to combine forces for the re-release of 'I May be a Stoner (But, I Ain't Fucking Stupid!)', this August when its 6th anniversary hits. The entire original CD is being re-recorded and released as 'The 1 Year Past the 5th Anniversary Special Edition'. A compilation CD of my previous solo work is in the works for summer release. I am remastering each track and making sure they are up to snuff with todays new expanded frequency range and it is really bringing some of them back to life.

My 2003 instrumental album 'Darkland' has been getting the same remastering treatment and even some re-tooling for remixes. Two of the tracks 'Arrival' and 'Godsend' from the original release have been uploaded and are receiving a great response. That's it for now, thanks for reading and more importantly, listening.

It is our pleasure to entertain your brain.

AJ Evans on behalf of Group of Deviants

G.o.D. Wallpapers for your desktop

hey, we designed a cool new wallpaper with our band's new logo. You can grab it here if you'd like. http://www.groupofdeviants.com/downloads/GOD_Wallpaper_Design_1_all_sizes.rar

A Deviant DubStep

While G.o.D. continues to struggle with trying to maintain a set of dedicated members I, AJ, decided to shelve the current compositions and move forward with a more contemporary sound.

Having been into SkrilleX for a bit over a year and longing for the days of my original solo style of electronic dance music when back in 1991 and 1992 I was using sounds and noises as instruments, I have been experimenting with creating my own dubstep instrument library.

Meanwhile, while on the phone with CJ, I stumbled across DubStudio at http://www.clubcreate.com/#!/studio/dubstep and today finally decided to test my ear for producing a DubStep tune.

I am pleased with the final product despite the limitations of not being able to upload and use my own sound files. Sticking with my dream of getting G.o.D. off the ground, I have opted to add this to G.o.D.'s catalog instead of releasing it as an AJ Evans tune.

Our debut release 'ahh'

April Fools! Not!

Yes, we actually chose today to release our debut track. 'ahh [Clean Radio Edit['. While the complete track runs over 8 minutes and contains the f-bomb, AJ recorded a second vocal using the substitute word 'frickin' and shaved off nearly three minutes for the single release. We hope you enjoy it and show some love by ranking it.

Cheers! AJ Evans' Group of Deviants