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9.10.10 Show

the Blakes show was our best yet, and one of the hardest as well. Playing in a basement of a restaurant is not an easy task. getting five bands down a narrow stairwell and into a hot basement challenging and frustrating at times. As the first band played I should have spent more time setting up my drums because I paid for it while setting up on stage. there ended up being roughly 60 people in the crowd and it was a blast to play and seeing people enjoying the music. after we finished, I had a little pressure from the next band to get off stage but that's how things role, I learned my lesson. later I found out the next band wanted extra time to put on their "outfits"... whatever. the downer of the night was sitting through the fifth band which was added at the last minute and did not sit well with any of us. they didn't finish until 2:30 am. load out was brutal, everyone's tired and in the way. we got the truck loaded and was on our way.