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"Mysticism" on LP

"Mysticism" — our third and the most ambiguous album is out on Osmose Productions on LP format soon. "Mysticism" album has been recorded during since September 2007 till June 2008 in studios Blacklight, Audio Alchemia and Buddha Cat. It’s mixed and mastered then in Blacklight Studio in summer 2008 and in the end of the same year it is out on American Paragon Records on digipack CD. In the beginning of 2009 "Mysticism" is out by Irond Records from Russia exclusively and especially for CIS countries. Subsequently the album has received a lot of positive reviews in many musical editions, and both of CD pressings are sold out for a moment. The release date will be announced later.

KHORS signs with Candlelight Records

Glad to announce that our new album entitled “Wisdom of Centuries” is out on well known Candlelight Records this September. The album is dedicated to 95th anniversary of Kholodny Yar Republic, to its founders and defenders.

Recording of the new album is finished

We’re glad to inform you that the recording of our newest album is finished. It’s our 5th full length yet and it was named “Wisdom of Centuries”. The works on mixing and mastering will be finished soon on Blacklight Studio. On this new album we’re experimented with sounding and atmosphere using some ethnic music instruments, nonconventional for metal music. Besides “Wisdom of Centuries” became the first album in band’s discography performed on native language. Its lyrical concept addresses to recent history of our Native land, complicated and mournful times of 20th years of the last century. The recording process was starting at September, 2011 on Blacklight Studio then some instrumental stuff was recorded in studios Oriana Stronghold Forge and Nightmarestudio. The album contains traditionally 8 tracks, approx. 40 minutes in total. Below you will find a complete track-list of the album “Wisdom of Centuries”: 1. Through Сlouds of the Past 2. Black Forest's Flaming Eyes 3. The Last Leaves 4. Where the Grandeur of Mountains Embraces the Space 5. Horizons Glassy 6. Wisdom of Centuries 7. Only Time Will Take It Away 8. Twilight The information regarding release date and label are soon to come.

2LP «Return To Abandoned» is out soon on Osmose Productions

«Return To Abandoned» album is out soon on legendary Osmose Productions in Double LP. This special edition will include studio version of album on the first LP and audio version of band’s live performance recorded during Kolovorot Pagan fest in 2010 on the second LP. As shown on label’s website at www.osmoseproductions.com this special edition be released limited to 500 copies only 200 copies of which will include vinyls in olive. Track-list: LP1: "Return To Abandoned" 1. The Arrival (intro) 2. Lost Threads 3. Asgard's Shining 4. Song of the Void 5. The Fog (...and Grief Still Moans) 6. Mysteries Cosmos 7. The Seas Burn of Omnipotence 8. Sacrament of Buyan Recorded, written, arranged and composed in Kharkiv and Kiev, Ukraine during summer 2008 — June 2010. Helg — rhythm guitars and vocals Warth — rhythm, accoustic and lead guitars Khorus — bass and fretless bass Khaoth — drums Guest: Saturious — keyboards LP 2 "Live" 1. The Arrival (intro) 2. Lost Threads 3. Asgard's Shining 4. The Fog (...and Grief Still Moans) 5. In The Depths of Black Hills 6. Mysticism 7. Thunder I Shall Bring 8. Ashes 9. Sacrament of Buyan 10. Trees Are Remembers Recorded Live On Kolovorot Pagan Festival, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 24.12.2010. Jurgis - vocal, guitar Warth - lead guitar Khorus - bass Khaoth - drums

New designed KHORS website’s launched

Glad to inform you that our new website at www.khors.info designed by Annexare Studio is launched today. There’s some time required for us to modify it and fill up by some media but the main sections are work in full. Though we still update our pages in social webs this updated website will be the main source of official information from us.

KHORS at Volh Pagan fest in Moscow, RU

We have a show coming upon 2011-09-10 @ Hlib Club, Moscow Russia. There will be Volh Pagan festival with the following bands play there on: GODS TOWER, КРАДА, ОПРИЧЬ, INTERIOR WRATH, НЕБОКРАЙ, NAVJARMAAHR, ДЗЯДЫ, БАСТИОН, КОЛО ПРАВИ, ЗАПОВЕТ, СВАОР, MYRKVIDS DRAUMAR. The festival will begin at 4 pm and will last till 6 am the next day. Hlib Club is at Zvenigiridskoe Highway, 11. Moscow, Ru. www.clubhleb.ru Ticket price information will be added soon!

New album is out on December 14!!!

Paragon Records announced released date of our new record. "Return To Abandoned" is out on December 14. The album has gone to press yet and it is out as Digi-CD. "Return To Abandoned" recorded, mixed and mastered at Blacklight Studio, Kiev, UA in the beginning of 2010. There were Saturious of NOKTURNAL MORTUM who recorded keyboards on this album. Track-list: 1. The Arrival (intro) 2. Lost Threads 3. Asgard's Shining 4. Song of the Void 5. The Fog (...and Grief Still Moans) 6. Mysteries Cosmos 7. The Seas Burn of Omnipotence 8. Sacrament of Buyan Total time: 42 mins.

The first album is out now on LP

The first album of ours namely "The Flame of Eternity's Decline" is finally out on LP after months of delay on Heidenwut Productions (UK). The album was recorded and originally released on CD by Oriana Music in 2005.

Re-issue of old two records is finally out!!!

Finally after some delay the re-issue of our first albums "The Flame of Eternity's Decline" and "Cold" are released on Paragon records as Double CD. For Trades/Wholesales/Purchasing please contact: Mike : cultm@msn.com

Helg leaves KHORS

Guitarist/vocalist Helg has declared about his impossibility of further stay in KHORS band. During 6 years Helg was the author of greater part of music and lyrics, he recorded 4 albums and played about 50 live shows with KHORS but unfortunately his family circumstances became a barrier on his further musical way with the band. But Helg remains in music and you can hear his studio projects ULVEGR and YGG soon. We thank Helg for the long and devoted years of his work with the band, for excellent music and lyrics, for strong brotherly shoulder, friendship and our nice times. There’s Jurgis (FACES OF DEATH, ASTARGH, GURGABS, ВАЙТМАРА) who was session guitar player and singer in KHORS before became a new frontman in the band and one can already see him on our last show in Chaos Club in Dnepropetrovsk, UA.