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Long Awaited New Maypole Album

The long awaited next Maypole release will be July 22,2008 on Gear Fab Records. The title is "Falling Angels", and features 12 songs written by Demian Bell(Dennis Tobell) who wrote a majority of the songs on the first Maypole album, which was re-issued on CD by Gear Fab in 2006 and a re-issue on clear vinyl by Anopheles Records also in 2006. The album has received a lot of airplay on stations coast to coast and in Europe.The new album is a re-issue of songs from the mid 70's and is the second in the series of 5 re-issues from the group. The first three songs on the player are preview tracks from the new album.There are plans in the making for a vinyl release as well.

We are 'The Real' Maypole

You are listening to the original Maypole from 1969-2007 Our album on Colossus has become a valuable collector record selling in the hundreds of dollars. We have been bootlegged, Had our names and credits omitted from our work, had our songs mutilated by perverse so called sound engineers. The new insult is that four count 'em, four other bands from four countries, have stolen our name!!!! One from Sweden, Holland, Poland and The US. Incredible!!! We have been making records since 1970. These guys started in the late 90's and in the last years. Now supposedly most people can read Duh? OK a little, but with the age of the internet, and search engines, you would think, that they would have tried to research the name even a little bit. And what did they think when they came across all our buzz,publicity and whatnot? That we must be tired of our name by now and they should just keep on using it, no matter what? What the hell is going on here. Never in all my years have I ever heard of such shit. So please folks, for the record, let's keep this straight. We are the Real Maypole visit our record company that just re-issued our first album 'The Real' www.anophelesrecords.com and see for yourself.Also visit www.demianbell.4t.com our main page