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Blue Moon Tonight

Slim set - 6 songs total. We rehearsed last night and this set is going to deliver like a bike courier on white drugs.

New Goodness

We've been recording some new tracks and they are real close to being finished. Skin's studio rules, as we can get stuff done on our own time frame and not worry about paying for the time involved in laying it down, again and again... the new keg attached to the kegerator doesn't hurt either, well maybe it hurts the next day.

Dead Meadow Tonight!

Going to see Dead Meadow tonight at the Tractor Tavern. I've been a fan of this band for the past few years, since I was a DJ at KDUR in Durango, Colorado, where I happened upon the band's self-titled album. I love the sludgy psychedelic mix they have and some of the bass lines are true genius. It's going to be killer.

Opening the show is Sweet Apple, with none other than the great J Mascis on the kit. I hadn't heard of this band until last week. It should be a treat of good old fashioned butt rock glory. Hope to see you there. ~ Darren

Update - 1/10/11

Happy New Years! We had a tentative show set for January 18, it's now been moved to February 18. It's at the Shanty Tavern in Lake City. I recently picked up a bass guitar - an OLP Sting Ray. It's nice and will be incorporated in both recordings and our live set. I also built a sweet pedalboard last weekend. No more setting up slowly, searching for cables, etc. It's just plug in and play. I'm excited to use it live, and to play some new songs we've been working on. ~ Darren

Gaining Momentum

Lately we've gotten a few more fans and we were invited to play a party on New Years. Unfortunately, Skin has prior engagements. The show at the Seven Seas a couple of weeks ago was successful, and we've played live three times now. Both of us are getting more comfortable with our songs and I am slowly gaining more stage presence. Soon we'll be taking it to bigger venues and spreading the gospel further. Look for us in 2011. ~ Darren