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Sunday Afternoons in March at Hyphen Coffeehouse on Pritchard Park, Asheville NC

Every serious songwriter I've ever known likes to sit around, play music, sing songs and drink coffee. That's what I'll be doing Sundays in March from noon till 2 PM at Hyphen Coffeehouse, the only place I know where the music is free and coffee is only a buck. If you like the idea of mellowing into a Sunday afternoon, March 16, 23 & 30, 2014, with some good coffee and peaceful acoustic music, now you know where I'll be. I've been writing music all my life, a lot of it flavored by the traditional mountain music I grew up around; these days, they call that Americana music. Whatever you want to call it, come give it a listen, and I'll tell you some stories about home.

Dan Lewis & Michael Gaffney in Concert April 30th 2013

Experience two veteran WNC songwriters with a collected 80 years of songwriting and music. This is gonna be a great show! Tuesday April 30th, 8 til 11 PM at 185 King Street, a great new music venue in Brevard, NC

Dan Lewis & Mike Gaffney - Wed., Oct. 10th - White Horse, Black Mountain NC

I'm really looking forward to this show! My old friend Mike Gaffney is joining me for a unique evening of original songs. Gaffney is one of the greatest undiscovered songwriters you'll never hear... unless you show up Oct. 10. I've known Mike since 1974, and have always been moved by his skill at evoking images and emotions; this artist is seriously as good as anyone you've ever heard, but you've never heard him, until now. If you're seriously interested in the art and science of songwriting, you NEED to hear Mike Gaffney; he's spent a lifetime quietly writing great songs that would equal anyone else's, and better than most you'll ever hear. This is one of those talents that leaves you dumbfounded that he isn't internationally known. Join us for a evening celebrating two lifetimes writing songs. This is gonna be special, I promise. ~DL

Dan Lewis & Ironing Board Sam / Friday June 15 / White Horse, Black Mountain NC

Ironing Board Sam & Dan Lewis / Friday, June 15 / White Horse, Black Mountain NC

I'm excited to be performing again Friday, June 15 with my friend, Ironing Board Sam, a great blues & soul keyboardist and vocalist. I first met and jammed with Sam back in the late 1970s at a little music club in Asheville called Caeser's Parlor, and when we played again last September at White Horse, Black Mountain, we quickly found the groove again and jammed through a great evening for a fine audience. Sam also did some memorable gigs at the legendary McDibb's, Black Mountain in the 1980s. As before, I'll open with an acoustic set of original songs, then Sam kicks up the music with his dual keyboard work, and I'll join in abit later with my electric guitar for some jamming together; great to listen or dance along. Sam is a unique bluesman with a long lifetime of great music to share; don't miss this one.

CD Release of "Bob Moog Live" & Concert Event Sunday October 10

Bob Moog Foundation and Dan Lewis Announce CD Release Party for Bob Moog Live The Bob Moog Foundation and Asheville composer/musician Dan Lewis announce the world premiere and release party for a historic live concert recording, Bob Moog Live. The premiere event will take place on October 10, 2010, at the Lexington Avenue Brewery in Asheville, NC, from 3:30–6:00 p.m. Admission is $7, with proceeds benefiting the Bob Moog Foundation. Bob Moog Live is the only known recording of synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog publicly performing on his famous Minimoog, the best selling analog synthesizer of all time. The Bob Moog Live recording took place on November 23, 1980, at the Asheville Art Museum and captured a performance by Moog, Abbott & Lewis. Local musicians Dan Lewis and Mike Abbott, an accomplished synthesist, rounded out the trio on keyboards, guitar, and ukelin. Lewis and Abbott performed with Moog twice in Asheville in the summer and fall of 1980. The CD features the latter performance along with sterling rehearsal sessions. Lewis and Abbott composed all the music on the CD. Lewis, who preserved the recordings for the last 30 years, brought this project to the forefront. He produced the album to highlight a historic event and to create a fundraising mechanism for the Bob Moog Foundation. The CD will be available exclusively through the Bob Moog Foundation's online store beginning on October 11, 2010. In addition to original music and instrumentation, the CD features Moog speaking candidly between songs about a variety of subjects ranging from the capabilities of electronic musical instruments to his life during that time period. At the time of the recording, Moog had recently left the company he started 25 years prior and moved from New York to North Carolina, where he started a new business, Big Briar, Inc. Bob Moog passed away in 2005, and Abbott in 2003. Lewis remains in the Asheville area as audio engineer and arranger/producer at Acoustic Audio Recording in Hendersonville. The Bob Moog Live event on October 10 will be a multilayered "happening" that includes listening to samples of the CD and brief informal lectures by Dan Lewis and by Bob Moog Foundation Executive Director Michelle Moog-Koussa. Live original music performed by Dan Lewis on guitar and synthesizers as well as an improvisational synthesizer jam featuring top area keyboardists performing on Moog synthesizers will provide live experimental synthesis as the musical backdrop for the evening. Jeff Knorr (The Funknastics), MaryFrances (Emyrael), Ben Hovey (Asheville Horns), and others will join Lewis on stage. A small exhibit of Minimoog material from Bob Moog's Archives will be on display. Attendance is limited to 100, so early arrival is suggested. The event begins at 3:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon, and doors open at 3 p.m. "While the recording is not 21st-century high fidelity, we realized it allows the listener to 'attend' a somewhat historic event and experience the only known opportunity to hear Bob speak, tell stories, and perform on his most famous invention, the Minimoog. In that sense, the recording is unique," said Lewis. The CD will be available for purchase at the event. Online CD sales will be available after the event on the Bob Moog Foundation website at www.moogfoundation.org/shop. -- Michelle Moog-Koussa Executive Director The Bob Moog Foundation www.moogfoundation.org www.moogseum.com

The Power of a Song / The Domino Theory

As a songwriter, I've spent my life trying to convey thoughts and feelings through words and melodies in a way that others might relate to,as if the song were their own. I've been thinking alot about the potential power of song, specifically in my own life now. I have a chance to re-connect with one of the two most important people in my life, and I'm trying to send a message to him by posting a song, here, on this site. Also,an old and very dear friend and I have recently re-connected, and from memory, she quoted my lyrics from two songs back to me, from my first album of songs, recorded in 1978 on 33.3 vinyl LP record. These are songs written over 30 years ago,that a friend I haven't seen in 30 years is quoteing back to me, from a vinyl record few people have ever heard, and even fewer have a record player to hear it with. So even in my very small career, which has suffered from a complete lack of self-promotion, these songs written long ago have echoes that radiate out like ripples from a stone thrown into water, to reach places far beyond their beginnings, places I couldn't imagine when I wrote them. I have what I call "The Domino Theory". You may have seen how people can set thousands of dominos on end, close to each other but not touching, in elaborate patterns that can stretch out of sight; when the first domino is tipped towards the second, a chain reaction begins, each domino touching and tipping over the next, over and over, potentially countless actions and re-actions all triggered by tipping over the first. If you had a limitless number of dominos set up, the chain reaction would be endless. So in relation to songs and music, my theory is that when we release music into the world, all we can do is to try and make it as positive and heart-felt as we can, and tip over that first domino in the right direction. Other dominos will tip over, and quickly go beyond our sight and perception, perhaps having implications in other's lives that we cannot imagine. Recognizing that potential power, I try in my own small way, to always include Hope in every song, even the sad ones, and tip my domino in a positive direction. I have been kept away from my twin son and daughter for over nine years, never allowed to see or speak to them. They don't know that I'm their biological father. But nine years ago, when they were seven, I sent an electric guitar and a keyboard to them at Christmas, marking the box "from Santa Claus". Knowing that their mother would keep us apart, I sent music into their lives, with the small hope that somehow the incredible magic of music and a small part of me might take root and have a positive impact in their lives. This was another "domino" that I tipped over in what I hoped was a positive direction, and for nine years, I had no idea if they ever got the instruments, or if either of them had ever been touched by the magic of music, as I have been. I just found out that my son, who still doesn't know that I'm his father, has been playing music and writing songs ever since he was eight years old. The seeds I planted by sending those instruments has become a tree, the domino I tipped over has continued on all these years tipping over more dominos in a wonderful direction. I cannot express the joy and hope that this news has created in me, after so many years of sorrow without my children. Without knowing me, my son has also come to love music and become more like me than I could ever have imagined; this is a miracle in my life, and fills me with hope that I haven't known in all the years we've been kept apart. So, you see the recurring themes of dominos and hope. Even this that I write is another domino of hope that I'm tipping over in a positive direction, in hope that it will find it's way into someone's heart, and something wonderful will happen.

CD Release Event Coming Soon! MOOG, ABBOTT & LEWIS

I have a new CD to be released in October, ironically from a concert event some 30 years ago. The famous synthesizer inventor, Bob Moog, gifted keyboardist Michael Abbott and myself performed twice together in 1980, once at the Bele Chere festival (in it's second year, and then a small charming local festival) and later that fall on November 23rd at the Asheville Art Museum. Under the name "Moog, Abbott & Lewis", we performed original music compositions of mine and several tunes of Mike's. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity (actually twice!) to hang out with the most famous synthesizer inventor on the planet, AND play music with him. (More about that soon.) A few years ago, and several years after Bob's death, I contacted Bob's daughter who now heads the Bob Moog Foundation, and told her that I had all the performance tapes of our concerts. Michelle told me that, as far as she knew, there are no existing recordings of Bob Moog playing music on his famous MiniMoog...except for the recordings of our 1980 concerts. So, in co-operation with the Bob Moog Foundation, we will release the live concert CD sometime in October. I'll be posting more information about this soon.

About Music...

I've spent most of my life fascinated with music. Think about it... an invisible energy that travels through the air, captures feelings and emotion, that can make you remember yesterday or look forward to tomorrow, that can make you laugh or cry, dance or sing; that sounds like a description for magic. Some of the most powerful moments I've experienced in life are when music somehow unites the feelings of everyone present, and for a brief window in time, all those present feeling the same feeling... like harmony. Music is another form of communication that can either empower words or stand alone without them. It has the unique ability to cross time and distance, as well as ignore language barriers and walls built by tyrant govenrments. Music has influenced the course of history, and will again. So perhaps you're fascinated with music too; once you hear the song calling to you, you have to get closer, somehow. I'll be posting some various examples of my different music creations here from over 30 years in music, as well as some thoughts from time to time. As I like to say, "Music is a foolish way to make a living, but it makes a pretty fine life". Find some music that moves you and dance.