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Def Jam Showcase in New Zealand

To my new Zealand artists and friends, Def Jam is sponsoring a Talent Showcase all over the country and entries are being accepted now through November 10. Any artist in NZ with talent and dreams can enter and seize the opportunity to sign with Def Jam. Must be 13 yrs and older. https://t.co/GEwORjdh6l

Thanks to my reverbnation family

I am humbled, flattered, and overwhelmed by ur support and response to my efforts both here, and on the other pages where we've link up to, and as u all know I have no trouble returnin da luv, but now I ask for ur continued support as to when u wanna link up? Drop by here and follow my links on my page, as I will do u while I play ur music. All da time it's not about askin me to support u first before u support me, if I like what u're doin? I'll do it anyway, but let not me supporting u first become a issue as to u supporting me in return. If I haven't heard u yet? Make me know u're there. And now, I have a weekly series of radio shows and if I've knocked out by what u got? It'll end up on one of my shows. So, keep it real when u come here to my page, and I in return will never short change u. That's whats up.

Muzicheadz Show, and Ill Black Plaga

I am the executive producer of the fastest, and hottest, half-hour radio show anywhere, the Muzicheadz Radio show, http://www.reverbnation.com/muzicheadzradioshow now heard every saturday nite, beginning august 3rd 2013 at 8:00pm est, on http://muzicheadzradio.listen2myradio.com we feature music and interviews from seasoned, and the up'n comin artists from all ends of the industry. http://muzicheadzshow.wix.com/muzicheadz-show And I, wanna welcome my son http://www.reverbnation.com/illblackplaga to da reverbnation community. He's barely here, not a internet fan, but I think that if I could get my fams, peeps and fans to show him some love, (if u like it), and maybe his presence'll pick up here. Real prayers from a real guy, that's whats up.

No storage space for downloads

Reverb family, my storage space here at the studio is very limited, and tho we've upgraded a lot? We still have very little room for storage due to all the upscale work that goes on here, already 6 externals used and about to invest in more, but when u'r workin like we are with customers, clients, radio shows, as well as recordings of all the artists involved with us? It's really tight on this end, and we're trying to keep things afloat without sinking into personal endeavors, of the things outside our work and commitment to the people we serve with our services. A commitment like ours for what we do, has to stand by its guidelines in order to function, and that's whats up

AppleTown Records
AppleTown Records  (over 5 years ago)

Are you serious? Almost all the free downloads on this site are under 10mb! If you are only here to promote yourself and don't care about the other artists, fine. You are not alone there. Don't make a fake blog saying how busy and "upscale" you are when a spindle of dvds you can get for 7.99 holds thousands of songs. You say you are a Christian but you, Sir, are a liar. Also, you cut and paste the same comment on page after page! And, your music even sound good.

Follow me on twitter

My twitter account was hacked, and all types of illegal activities and things force them to take my twitter account from me on 09, but I hung in there and fought to get my twitter back in 10,11, and it's under twitter management for a three year probationary period, so I ask my reverb family to bare with me thru this tragic time with my twitter account til then, that's when I can have a normal account like everybody else. Blessings for the understanding.

Myspace Mailing list

Because of the overload of fan support I have received here at reverbnation, let me say thanks first and foremost to God for all of u, and with my over load in fans, I must request that u all sign up to my myspace mailing list to keep up with the Bubbster. He's always on the go, and now the only way for u to keep up with him, is thru myspace. Blessings, for ur support, and ur prayers and faith.