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The Come Back

Revo sti has been up and down but has never givin up on his dream with ah load of bad things going wrong at this time in his life Revo still keeps his head up and moves foward making moves, movies, music videos whatever he can to stay in the public eye with the lost of his brother and crew its a new walk for Revo as he does what he does best alone now but with the same will and drive as always with the release of the Hustle,Love,Weed&Sex Vol.1 Mix Tape coming this November Revo Sti plans to reinvint himself this Southside native of Chicago is definitly up next this guy is one to follow stay tuned!!

Revo On His Shit!!

We gettin it in major PhREZHbOY&gIRL INC. Street Kingz all day we takin the City by storm come get down wit the most HYPERACTIVE GROUP the city has to offer we tearin shit down every club we hit they remember the name 4sho we get out here and handle this bizniz like real artist should nodoubt in my mind we up next we earn our respect and when its not given we take that shit Chi Town on the rise and we makin ah hell of ah mark in doin our part ask around the name very well known jump aboard this ship and be apart of history as we make history STREET KINGZ IS HERE TO STAY!!!!!!