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It is time

I tried this last year but it didn't work and I ended up sore and broken after one week and had to settle down and stay with friends until i could rethink this thing. The biggest issue is that I truly lacked the deep deep confidence and the do it or die drive. In the past year I have managed to get a bike and a bike cart and have learned so much from those I have met. I spent a month in Franklin and then spent the summer tryin to work out my spiritual side. I realized that I was not on the level I need to be on and by then winter was coming. Over the winter I spent most of my time working on my vocals and learning the social skills I will need to do what I want to do. Been workin on a new album and have quite a few songs ready to go. The only thing i could really really use is a solar generator box for camping. I have gotten over my stage fright. I have my faith and that will take me to the stars I am certain. Not sure where I am going but I will know it when I get there. Love&Respect-XoXoX-(LB

Day 1 of my J.O.B.

So today is the day that i mark as the first day of the new me. On my new J.O.B. (Journey Of Beginnings or Belonging). I start my Journey in the city of Norfolk. Please feel free t view my map and follow as I post pictures and tell my story of The Human experience across our country. See the people i meet, hear the music we make. See me at an open mic night in a town near you perhaps. Collaborate with me. Come along for the fun as we discover new things and new ideas. New customs and slanguage. Try foods of the region. Find out what their concerns and spiritual beliefs are. Join me as I meet the people of the united states and show you the good people and the good news. I am posting pictures tonight of the sunset i caught yesterday. Enjoy and have a Wonderful day! XoXoX -)LB

Lizzy Blonde's J.O.B.

So today my parents kicked me out..their loss. So I am going on a tour to the west coast on foot or bus or however i get there. I will be arranging to meet people along the way who i am connected to through music or FB or wherever. I will take pictures along the way and stay at campgrounds, possible state or fed parks. I will accept donations from anyone along the way. I will try to collaborate with other artists as i go and create a musical journal of my journey. I am going to write lyrics to the things i see and hear and the news of the area. i plan to do open mic nights on the weekends and hope to get enough to stay in a hotel during those two nights. On Sunday I will rest and enjoy the day. Follow me on YouTube(videos) Twitter(hourly updates) Facebook (pictures). I would love to have my own webpage for everything but can't afford one or know of a free one right now. I will send emails and blog updated through Reverbnation as well as post my music. My goal is to meet new people and spread my music as well as learn new things from the people i meet. i want to share their joys and hear their views and share them with you. For open Mic night i am going to use my song "Waitin For The Rain". There is a section for a freestyle in the song. I will bring up another local rapper to do this. I will make the world the stars of my show!! The audience of one becomes the audience of the world!

The Next Step

So, I have been building my music slowly so as not to get in over my head or go to fast and have something done half ass. I am very pleased and proud to have released my 1st album so soon after being homeless and on the streets! Many of the beats and lyrics were written while I was living at The Path Of Life homeless shelter. I am ready to move on with my life and start preforming anywhere I can! I just feel like singing to the world! So any venues or gigs that any of you might know of please send me a message! Much luv! XoXoX -LB-

beatbox dubstep

ok, i have never really listened to dubstep on purpose. If someone was playing it I would listen but never really analysed it or listened with great intensity until last night. A friend of mine said if I could take dubstep and ad some sic beats to it, It would be amazing! So last night I put on pandora and just started to get into it and before too long I started to hear back beats that weren't there. I got so excited and wanted to record or duplicate what I was hearing so I started to beatbox... I don't beatbox! But what I got out of it was awesome! not the best beatboxing but you can get an idea of the beat i was hearing.


Ok, so until Jan. ! I really didn't have any real plans to do anything serious with my music. Something just popped or something I have no clue but I feel so driven to really get things going. I've written about 3 good songs now and have several small recorded skits from studio times and such. Until today, I had not really thought about the fact that this is enough to start a show big enough to be an opener for someones tour....so, again the light went off! I am now in what I will call phase 2. This stage for me will involve perfecting the music, develop a dance and or routine, design a set. find people that would be able to tour with me. Determine needs, expenses etc. Profits etc.....Marketing. This is going to be the new family business!!!!!!I know we can do this. Phase 3 is like way way away...lol.. that would be to actually book a few shows at local places, get it on tape etc for youtube stuff like that and then......go on a 1 yr. tour as an opening act! I have a plan!

Studio time---- the aftermath lol.

I discovered today, after spending about 3 hours in the studio that the actual recording part is the one thing I procrastinate the most with. I'm not sure if it's because it's the least enjoyable part, or because I feel awkward standing in my room singin into the mic to no audience. Ever since I was little I have never had a problem singin my lungs out until my throat was sore. For some reason I prefer to sing along to a song. It feels very weird to be singin with no one singing with me. Today was the first time I have recorded in the studio all by myself without any help or cues or anything. Another big step...I think I'm walking now. In a few more months I think I'll be running! Imma be like Forest Gump and I'm gonna just keep running, and when my shoes wear out, I'll get a new pair. Imma be UNSTOPABLE. Go team BJ Tiny!!!!

Feeling Acomplished

All my life I have been drawn to music that is very deep and complicated with many twists and turns within it's plot. Music with great feeling and meaning. Music that touches emotions. That being said, repetitious songs or songs that contain only a few words sung several times has never interested me. This has been my deepest challenge as a writer trying to build up my skills. Starting with a base and adding layers as I go without being repetitive but still keeping the same rhythm. Today I am happy to say that I have finally made a beat that I am truly deeply proud of and one I could listen to on loop for about an hour...very few songs can do this to me. Thank you Johnny, all things happen for a reason. Believe it or not even the bad...somehow in the end turns into something good.

Free Music!!!

I have this really great idea...If Music were treated like art and artists were supported by private donations and things like that, and additional money going to the artist from private shows and concerts and things...like the artist actually works his/her music everyday. My Idea is to leave radio the way it is, offer all music free to everyone (the digital studio versions). The artist would step up the game on their live performances and would do shows and such more often. They would travel more and experience more while on the road. This would help fire the creative side up and they would continue to evolve as an artist. Music would get better. The art would be there for the true artists who can offer up a true experience to the crowd. This would be an ideal music world for me. I don't want to get paid per song or anything online....shit take it, share it, request for me in your town, get sponsors to pay the expeses for me to come...I'll stay inna super 8. I don't care. I love music and want to share mine. much like a painting in a museum but the stage is where the art comes alive..different everytime. Every concert it's own unique experience.

Awesome time

So, My bestie Larone came over last night with his little girl and we did some more work on Homemaker. It took about 2 hrs to get everything corrected and audio balaced and to get the right affects on the vocals. The original vocals were only in the left speaker so we had to record them again. we left the original left only vocals in there and doubled the second recording and layered them. We used the original chorus with left speaker only. I split the vocals and removed the right speaker static and the vocals then became stereo. I recorded the audio twice to harmonize and so I did the same with the second set of the chorus. I auto-tuned both of them and then set one section to the left and one to the right speaker. The outcome was nothing short of beauty. i copied the very last section to give it a bit of volume and put in the channel with the auto-tune. This gave it a rather odd affect and it was not intentional. After listening to it, I kinda liked the difference so I saved the final with this in it. Enjoy.