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You can inquire about us thru PETE FELIX PROMOTIONS LLC www.myspace.com/vivapete and/or email us at: Bash@bashtheband.com Pete@bashtheband.com Please visit our website for complete information at www.bashtheband.com


Well we continue! We are starting off our second year with a call to open for The Toadies and the Willowz. What a show at Whiskey Dicks! It was a full house. We had back to Sonic Ranch Studios and put together a Demo featuring the only 3 covers we do at our live performances, Zombie by the Cranberries, What If we could by Blue October and Helter Skelter by well you know. It was fun putting together and Marco Ramirez the studio engineer complimented our rapid and continuing evolvement. And now we have another marketing tool. We were booked and performed in Arizona, our first shows away from home. Club Red and Naked Dave's Music Stores had " Naked Dave's Annual Naked Fest" in Tempe July 31st. Our "Road Warrior" Mitch scouted and picked up another show at Joe's Grotto in Phoenix, where we played on Aug 1st. We got there early and laid down some more tracks at Sonic Phish with Ken Mary. The plan is to get all the songs for the third album tracked and recorded by the end of this summer. "Breathe" was the first song and has recieved great reviews and was already picked up for radio play on KLAQ. "Broken Smile" was next and WOW! We played the Industry VIP Lounge while reuniting with Lila and The Tork's Annual Luau. We are talking with several promoters and venues in El Paso, in Texas, in Arizona and California. We made an appearance and supported our hero "Antonio Escalante" as he fought at the "Don" on ESPN's Friday Night Fights with Oscar and Golden Boy Promotions. Some of you caught us on TV:) We will be playing for a benefit for our firend Chris jones and his new movie "Clean Sweep" Aug 7th. The movie will feature two of our songs "Predicted" from our first album and "Take it away" from our second album. We got booked and opened for Papercut Massacre at The Take II Lounge, Then Opend for Vains of Jenna at Club Red in Phoenix again so we recorded anothe song "No Vacancies". we got back and played at UTEP! We were chosen to play at The Amigo Air Show Oct 3 and to play at KLAQ's LocoFest at Cohen Stadium again! We will head to Phoenix Oct 17 tp record the final 2 songs for the third album. We are invited to play at New West Records Texas Bar and Grill in Houston Oct 24 then to Austin to play at Jovita's. So... there are a lot of things in the works and there will be more to come:)

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Sebastian asked for a guitar for X mas when he was 12. He played that thing for 2 to 4 hours a day for months. He then took lessons at Danny's Music Box for months while there he started taking drum leessons. A year later at 13, he presents to me a scratch recording he had done in his room quietly. He wrote, arranged, sang and played all the instruments. We went to Sonic Ranch Studios where he worked and still works with Marco Ramirez and produced the CD "Predicted". The following spring break at 14 he debute the CD live in Cozumel. When we got back home he wanted to start performing. He found his bandmates at his highschool Eastwood in guitar class. They are Chris Frias on guitar, Michael Russo on bass and Adrian Rodriguez(Riverside High) on drums they learned his songs. That summer, now 15, they started playing originals at small then larger bars and venues all over town. KLAQ, the local radio station picked up the CD "Predicted" and gave it some air play as well as inviting BASH to play at "KLAQ's LocoFest". While playing together, Sebastian wrote and arranged the second CD "Trapped In". The band played it together and we are off to Sonic Ranch again. The CD was be released Jan. 2009. KLAQ loved it. We had a CD Release Party on March 6th at Take II. It was standing room only and the boys out on a show of a lifetime! They won over the crowd, fans and a few big promotors. The band got six new gigs that night. Bash now has been given the opportunity to open for bigger acts going thru El Paso. Bash was asked to open for Aranda out of Oklahoma, Popevil out of Michigan and recently for Del Castillo out of Austin. Bash was picked by KLAQ to play at the Balloon Fest on May 25. Jeff Fenholt produced the first three songs for the next album. Bash recorded in Phoenix at Sonic Phish with Ken Mary engineering. Bash just finished celebrating their First Year Anniversary with three great shows at The Tork, Take II and Hot Rod's and Wheels. What a ride! so far. A lot of people have helped and given us opportunities and we thank you all!