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Kamakazi (title misspelled purposely) captures the different elements within the piece and is, in my determination, the best phrase that represents the essence of the song itself. Kashmir is in me, metaphorically speaking. Perhaps you can relate. Hope you find it worthwhile to listen to. A. Neil

A Potters Poem (poem by Andrew Neil)

November 28th,2011 A Potters Poem by Andrew Neil______________

Held the thought_______ Long enough_____________ Peace is on the ground__________ Meld alot________ All for love?___________ Feast as seconds sound_____________ Flowers wilt______________ Bottles empty_____________ Storms come n' go____________ Hours tilt____________ Potter's Gimpy______________ Swarms of others know____________

Compositions for Films

The songs at the end of the posted material are instrumentals. Any film maker interested in aquiring rights to use them contact ANM via this host site.

Craters (poem by Andrew Neil)

My insides turn and twist______ Writing in my vomit________

Saying goodbye becomes I miss___________ Goodtimes a passing comit_________

I'll see one again...in laters maybe soon_________ Thanks will never end for craters in the moon______

Today (poem by Andrew Neil)

Life's bound to have times of dought__________ But don't let em' bring ya down____________ In these times true character comes out_________ Is strengthened and found___________

Seasons come and go_________________ Storms pass way_________________ One thing to always know___________ Is the past adds up to who you are today________