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May 2013 Newsletter

Howdy Everybody! Check out ‘John Hardy’, the new single by BanjoSlim and the SaltyDogs! It's on my site at http://www.banjoslim.com/, or on Bandcamp at http://banjoslim.bandcamp.com/. BanjoSlim and SaltyDogs is a bluegrassified, bluesy, jazzed-up trio of banjo, bass, and drums with a unique twist on standards of American music. Though they’ve already recorded their first project, The GarageBand EP, the bassist and drummer currently reside in my mind and in the GarageBand app on my iPhone, but I will soon have actual living, breathing people to play the bass and drum parts. I'm currently auditioning for just the right people. Check out BanjoSlim and the SaltyDogs, and 'like' "us" at https://www.facebook.com/banjoslimandthesaltydogs. If you visited my website recently, you probably noticed a bunch of improvements, including a 'Join Jason’s mailing list and get a free download' box my ‘Contacts’ page, where anyone can get a free copy of BanjoSlim and the SaltyDogs’ version of Steve Earle’s great tune ‘Texas Eagle’ merely by joining my mailing list! However, anyone reading this is most likely on my mailing list already. You can still download the tune by entering your email anyway – it'll responding by noting that you're already on the list, but it'll give you a download link. And while visiting my site, you might notice the new Facebook ‘like’ links conveniently located on the bottom right hand corner of each and every page; these allow one to . . . ahem . . . easily 'like' my website on Facebook. If you haven't yet, please visit my new and improved website, and be awed, at http://www.banjoslim.com/. Oh well, better cut this short, don’t want it to get too long and boring (or am I too late?). There’s a bunch of shows coming up, which are posted on my website. They're all in June or after, so I'll mention them in future newsletters. I’m really going to start getting this newsletter out at the beginning of each month . . . starting in June . . . I mean it this time. Your humble banjoist, Jason

April 2013 Newsletter

Well, it's the last day of April and I just realized I never sent out an April Newsletter. So, of course, and as usual, I'm sending it out at the last minute. First off, a big happy 80th birthday to Willie Nelson! On Saturday, May 4 at 1pm the Tail Draggers play live at Barleymash (http://www.barleymash.com/) for Derby Day! To kick off the event, we will appear live that morning for four segments on KUSI News with Brad Perry between 8am and 10am! The Ramona Bluegrass and Old West Festival (http://ramonabluegrassfest.com/) takes place May 4th and 5th. The schedule is chock-full of great bands, and both the Tail Draggers and Plow play on Sunday, May 5th! There's more events to announce for April, plus videos from recent performances to post, such as Bad Penny and the Pistols' (http://m.reverbnation.com/artist/badpennyandthepistols) awesome show at Adams Avenue Unplugged! Stay tuned for April's Newsletter! Your humble banjoist, Jason

March 2013 Newsletter

Happy Easter Everybody! Your humble banjoist, Jason

February 2013 Newsletter

Howdy Everybody! Well, there's only two days left in February, so I better get this month's newsletter out before it's pointless. But with only a couple of days left, there's still much going on! Tonight, MohaviSoul (Mark Miller, Randy Hansen, Warren Ovadia, Orion Boucher, and myself) will be playing at Jimmy Love's in the Gaslamp from 8pm to 11pm. As a special treat, we're going to have guest vocalist Dawn Nier (aka Bad Penny) sit in for some tunes! You've got to check her out - the woman has some pipes! Then, on Wednesday, February 27th, Bad Penny and the Pistols have their debut performance at the South Park Abbey at 8:30pm. Fronted by Dawn Nier, the group includes Cala Page on vocals, Jodie Hill on bass and vocals, Tyler TenBrock on guitar and vocals, and myself doing the usual. It's going to be a short set, so don't be late, or you might miss all the awesomeness. Check out Bad Penny and the Pistols online at facebook.com/badpennythepistols or at reverbnation.com/badpennyandthepistols. That's all for now - I better send this before the month ends. As always, thanks everybody for all your support. Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter coming out in a few days! Your humble banjoist, Jason

January 2013 Newsletter

Happy New Year, Everybody! And happy 10th Banjoversary! On January 10, 2003, I bought my very first banjo. A lifelong urge to play the banjo finally compelled me to the Guitar Center in La Mesa to purchase a Deering Goodtime 2, thus marking the beginning of my journey into the world of banjo music. Along the way, the banjo revived in me a childhood dream of being professional musician. Now, exactly ten years later, I live my live by the banjo, making my way entirely through performing, recording, and teaching music. And though I'm not exactly rich as a result, I'm happier than I've ever been. Professional musicians don't make it alone, however. We get to be who we are only because there are so many music lovers out there who support us - by coming to our shows, buying our recordings, and hiring us to help celebrate significant events in their lives. So to all my supporters, thank you! Thank you for helping make my dream a reality. I recently had an article written about me called "Saved by the Banjo." But, if truth be known, it was all of you who saved me. Your humble banjoist, Jason

December 2012 Newsletter

Happy New Year! Well, the year is almost over, and the New Year is only hours away. I'll make this newsletter brief: First, I would like to thank everyone for all your support this year! It was an awesome year filled with friends and music! Thank you all for helping to make my musical dreams come true! Second, I want to invite everybody to special New Year's Day brunch at Urban Solace tomorrow from 10am to 2pm. The music will be provided by Bill Frisbie, John Mailander, and yours truly. That's it. Have a great 2013 everybody! Your humble banjoist, Jason

November 2012 Newsletter

Hey Everybody! Happy Election Day!

SD TROUBADOUR STORY: My cover story in the San Diego Troubadour is out! It's a bit surreal to see my image and name within the warmly familiar frame of the Troubadour cover, but it's an honor and one of the highlights of my life! Thank you to Dwight Worden the author, Liz Abbott the publisher, Dennis Andersen who took to cover photo, and to everyone else who made it happen! Check it out online at http://sandiegotroubadour.com/2012/11/jason-weiss-saved-by-the-banjo/.

UPCOMING SHOWS: Plow plays at the Encinitas Library on Wednesday, November 7, from 6 to 7pm. A beautiful library with an awesome ocean view and great acoustics - and it's a free concert - so come on out!

Afterward, from 8 to 9pm, I'll be sitting in on electric banjo with my friends in a band named MohaviSoul (http://facebook.com/MohaviSoul) at The Office in North Park.

On Sunday, November 11, Plow plays the Bluegrass Brunch at Urban Solace in North Park, as we do every second Sunday of the month. You must experience Urban Solace's unique and delicious take on classic Southern dishes if you haven't already. Visit them online at http://urbansolace.net/.

And speaking of Plow, we're also playing "Happy Hour Friday" at the Monte De Oro Winery in Temecula on Friday, November 16. We played there for the first time recently and had a blast - great wine, delicious food, beautiful scenery - more info at http://montedeoro.com/.

Of course, shows are added all the time so check my website at http://www.banjoslim.com/ for updates.

That's all for this month. Now, if you haven't done so already, get out and vote!

Your humble banjoist, Jason

October 2012 Newsletter

This month's Newsletter is as short as it is late. The only announcement is that my cover story in the San Diego Troubadour will be out in a few days! I want to thank the publisher, Liz Abbott, the author of the article, Dwight Worden, the contributor of the cover photo, Dennis Andersen, the rest of the Troubadour staff, my friends, family, and everyone else involved in the creation of this monumental event in my life! Check out the cover photo on my website at http:/www.banjoslim.com/. Happy Halloween everybody! See you soon! Your humble banjoist, Jason

September 2012 eNewsletter

Well, I guess I better get this finished and sent before September is over. I find it difficult to believe that Summer flew by as fast as it did, but the first day of Autumn has already passed, so it's official. There's not much news to report from my little corner of the banjo world. I have my cover story in the San Diego Troubadour coming out in November. There's quite a few gigs on the calendar. And the Thursday jam is still going strong. In the last eNewsletter, I talked about doing a "Song of the Week" at the jam, but I've put that on hold since there seems to be a slight lull in attendance this time of year as people head back to work and school after summer vacations. We'll start the Song on the Week in October.

That's about it for this month. Happy Autumn, everybody!

Your humble banjoist, Jason

August 2012 eNewsletter

Well, Summer is flying by at break-neck speed and it's already August, which means it's time for another scintillating eNewsletter from BanjoSlim! LAWN CHAIR PROPHETS My new group is well under way, although with a new name: Lawn Chair Prophets! No one else seemed to be thrilled with my first choice, BanjoSlim and the SaltyDogs. Oh well - I'll save that name for another project. Anyway, we had our first gig recently; it was a success and tons of fun! So ask a venue near you to book Lawn Chair Prophets, featuring Gunnar Biggs on bass, Toby Ahrens on drums, and myself on banjo, and enjoy our unique blend of jazz, blues, and bluegrass! We're contacting booking agents right now, so expect August dates on the show schedule very soon! THURSDAY NIGHT PICKERS I made a Facebook group for the bluegrass jam at Today's Pizza called, of course, "Thursday Night Pickers." I had created a Facebook page, but a Facebook group is a better format for communication. Also, there's a place for group-related documents, where I've posted our songbook, "Bluegrass Basics" and another document "The Number System" which explains the system used to indicate chords in Bluegrass Basics. Please join if you're not yet a member. SONG OF THE WEEK While on the subject of the Thursday Night Pickers, we're going to start doing a 'Song of the Week'. I'll post the song, along with an mp3 or a YouTube address, to the Facebook group a week prior to the jam so everyone has a chance to learn it. After we play the song, we'll decide if we want to add it to the Bluegrass Basics songbook. At this Thursday's jam, we'll pick our very first "Song of the Week" for the following Thursday. SUMMERGRASS San Diego County's highly successful bluegrass festival celebrates its 10th Year on August 17, 18, and 19! Don't miss the Tail Dragger's performance at 7:00pm Friday night! Visit summergrass.net for more information. Of course, a complete schedule of my upcoming shows is available on my website at banjoslim.com. That's it for this installment of the ever-exciting BanjoSlim eNewsletter! Stay tuned for next-month's action-packed issue! Your humble banjoist, Jason BanjoSlim.com August 2012