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What are listening to?

What's your favorite summer song?

Name that tune! Literally.

I've added a new instrumental/jam. I can't decide what to call it. Help me out. Suggest a title.

New Video

Check out my new video for "When Ludwig met Carlos."

Don't Fence Me In

I like many different styles of music, and I write and record songs in a variety of genres. I wish there was some way I could more accurately communicate to potential listeners what they will hear on my site. Right now I probably look like a country artist, but that doesn't really represent the variety of my music.

Recording Again --

Finally working on a new recording after being diverted by LIFE's interruptions. I don't know why but the bass track is always the hardest part. Getting the right groove and tone is "Mission Critical," and the "simplest" bass line often requires more takes than some of my guitar leads.

Sixteen Ounces -- The Power of Parody

A few months ago, I wrote and recorded Sixteen Ounces, a song poking fun at NYC's law regulating the size of soda cups. I am happy to announce that an appellate court has ruled this silly law UNCONSTITUTIONAL

Bathing Suit

Some folks have asked about the explosion at the end of the Bathing Suit song. They want to know what exploded and why. Well, for those of you who guessed amplifier you're wrong. Here's what really happened. Joey tried to fit into the bathing suit, even though he knew it was impossible and the suit burst.


I get so many posts exhorting me to listen to my "Inner Voice." I ignore them because no one ever tells me which of the Voices inside my head I should listen to.

I also ignore all advice to get in touch with my INNER CHILD. My INNER CHILD ran away from home years ago, or was adopted. In any event, I haven't heard from the little b___________in years.

Lord Alfred Tennyson that " in Spring a Young Man's Fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love." However, I find myself thinking about beer and barbecues. Then again I do love beer and barbecue.

Just Beachy

"Just Beachy" Summer is coming and for me that means surf music, especially the Ventures. So here's my attempt to create a good, old fashioned surf song.

Quack Quack Blues

We've added a little Blues jam that we call The Quack Quack Blues. You can download for free. It's our early Valentine's Day present for our fans. Joey Colors & Obie