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Assholes, Losers and Sinners

Welcome Morons... Any band on reverbnation that is simply friend and fan collecting to move themselves up in the ranks are nothing but a bunch of fakes that THINK they are gaining new fans when the reality is that the fans you add are only other bands here on reverb that DO NOT listen to your music and are NOT part of your fan base. REAL fans come from Hard work and people that actually LIKE your music and playing live shows (that are not 10 feet out your back door) oh yes lets talk about that.. any band that plays in their home town at the same places over and over is nothing more that a glorified garage band.. try actually touring and playing outside your comfort zone.. and we will see who actually has a REAL fan base. Certain bands on here have been riding Demon Boy's coattails to achieve what they NEVER could on their own (and u know who you are), Just because you get a top rank here on Reverbnation does NOT MEAN SHIT!! Are your #'s on face book the same as here on reverb??? awwww NO THEY ARE NOT! Are you getting Booked? Are you Making money at what you do??? Do you have a LOYAL fan base around the world... NO! Look at you other #'s... all SHIT! Thieves and lowlifes are what you are at best.. I would tell you to go do your own work but that would be something you are NOT capable of.. so keep stealing from Demon Boy its your only hope at being a Blip on the Rock n Roll Radar.. with all this said GO FUCK YOUR SELF and DONT QUIT YOUR DAY JOBS!

Natural Born Losers
Natural Born Losers  (about 5 years ago)

Right on....Well said..Friend and fan...Natural Born Losers

Not Suitable for Anyone
Not Suitable for Anyone  (about 5 years ago)

Just like the bands that donate to charity and don't sell anything anyway, 50% of nothing is nothing.

Blest Mess
Blest Mess  (about 5 years ago)

"Any band that plays in their home town at the same places over and over is nothing more that a glorified garage band.. try actually touring and playing outside your comfort zone.. and we will see who actually has a REAL fan base"... Well Said, I Have Been Saying That Same Thing Myself For A While Now - Miss Chris

Thank you Ghoulies!

Demon Boy extends Thanks to all our friends and fans for your loyalty and support. We have a few surprises that we have been promising to tell you about and all that info is coming as soon as we are liberty to release the information until then keep Demon Boy climbing the charts and touring by grabbing some of our merch @ www.demonboyband.com and downloading our songs off I Tunes and more! Thank you Ghoulies you are the best!.. D.B and the Band

New Song " CEMETERY GIRL" Premieres tonight!

In just a few hours Demon Boy will release another hit off the DAWN OF THE DEMON album stay tuned for the internet Premiere of CEMETERY GIRL!!

Demon Boy update August 15th 2011

Ok ghoulies.. so Demon Boy will have some exciting news to announce in the next month unfortunately we are not able to to give any info at this time but i assure you it will be worth the wait! We are proud to announce the addition of new band members Mike Mosh on Drums and Pete Demon on guitar. We are currently getting preparations ready for our SHOCKTOBER TOUR starting this October and running into November 2011 , this will be a cross country National Tour hitting nearly 40 cities! more surprises are on the way so stay tuned!!

DEMON BOY on I-tunes!

DEMON BOY finally on I-tunes!!! http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dawn-of-the-demon/id434063642

Winner of The Little Red riding Bitch Giveaway announced!

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR LITTLE RED RIDING BITCH WINNER!!!!! Angela from Charleston, SC!!!!! She has won the new CD from Demon Boy, Sinfully Delicious Perfume from "Studio 3B", A Wolf Necklace from Joanne Valencic VampireWear, and a copy of SILVERWEED from Author Dorlana Vann!!! Thank you everyone that sent in your entries!! XOXOXOXO!!!!!

New Album Release

DAWN OF THE DEMON the new album from Demon Boy has been released and will soon be available on I Tunes and more! We have out out yet another single "RAVENOUS" you can listen to it right here on reverbnation or on www.demonboyband.com all hard copy order through our website will autographed at NO xtra charge! So get your copy NOW!

Come join us on NET SHOWS!

Join Demon Boy on this new site.. see all our videos and much more! @ http://netshowscommunity.ning.com/profile/DemonBoy

Demon Boy 2011 National Tour!

Demon Boy is Currently Booking their National Tour slated to begin late Spring of 2011.. Anyone interested in booking the band Contact us here or at demonboyband@yahoo.com.. Thank You

"Dead Tramp Super Model" New Single from Demon Boy!

Our New Single "Dead Tramp Super Model" is online NOW @ www.myspace.com/demonboy31 It will be here on ReverbNation in a few weeks.. so stay tuned ghoulies... New Album due out in early 2011.