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BMJW's rise.. (must read)

the first things are links so skipp'em if you wanna see what im about

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NOW, down to the point, im a 17 year old rapper/hiphop/r&b artist.. i am willing to work under ANY genre of music that's how multiverse i am lol.. also i AM music's BEST featurer so holla at me for collabs.. im the #1 ranked and BEST artist in Arkansas and anybody that lives here WILL tell you so. i have not released one single yet but i've managed to gain over 32,000 fans, and 230,000 plays on myspace IN 5 MONTHS.. yeah, and i have yet to preform or step into a studio... my first couple songs, "sound familiar" and "take you to the stars" were recorded through some speakers and my ipod.. now im usin some built in webcam on my laptop lol. my 1st single will be released next month hopefully.