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What do you think about new single get Over It?

‘Very nice song.Nice music instrument.You played like a profesional.Very interesting to me.Innovative music,wonderful, and it's enjoyable.It's a bit emotion but very well constructed song.It's original from other song.Bravo for the succes.’

‘The music was touchy. And the music was coming out very smoothly as well. It seemed as if I am listening into my music player. A wonderful work indeed without much of an experimentation.’

‘It reminds me of backstreet boys in the beginning. The melody switches in to a tune that makes you wait for a techno sound or something like that. The climax takes the song to another world. A world of dance, sweetness and a lot of stories. Great work!’

‘There is nice composed piano section. Some of yours sounds are not good, seems like from old games. Arrangement is OK, there is noticable intro, development, chorus etc. General track not suprised me and i think its very average.’

‘A very beautiful melody, great transitions in the compositions. When you listen - to relax, remember the pleasant moments, the situations of life. Delightful music, remain pleasant after listening.I really liked - a positive track.’

‘I love this song.The smooth, comforting intro is a nice touch. The rhythm and beat are added in to the song perfectly. The background sound effects are very creative and mind altering at the same time. I felt like I was on a cloud while I was listening to this one. The structure of the song was well built and everything seemed to flow together very well. The song goes through many different patterns and change ups. Though this song lacks any lyrics at all, the instrumentals make up for it with energy. The sound put forth in this song is very crisp and fresh, and original too. This song has the potential to motivate and inspire a lot of people. I would purchase an album from this artist. The song kind of has a sunny side to it that could generate some smiles and brighten someone's day by a great deal!’

‘the cords are beautiful and uplifting, i like the electro feel to it. even without words it is something i can imange listening to in the car or on my ipod. it has a great beat. its not cheesey or something you would only hear on a movie or tv. it also has room to be remixed in to a club anthem as well. i like the way that it builds up and drops down to a simple beat and then starts to build up to a multi sound beat. i like the high tones that give it that happy feeling to it. i really like this track’

‘The start of the song starts with a unique mixture of pop and classical musical instrumental skills. As the song continues to play, I believe that it received not only increasing pop/techno beats, but also it became very unique, well structured and it consisted of its own character. The rest of the song (just musical) was very well structured as it gave the song not only a character of its own but also a very dynamic, fresh and unique rhythm. Overall this song deserves a big 10 as it can be used for many things such as trailers and movies.’