The Third World War

the Third World War will be exactly that... a war on the third world nations. This was a war which started long ago, and as the US becomes a third world nation thru our debt-money system, AND IT WILL, US citizens will become more aware of t...he police state designed to treat them as the enemy in this war. By this time, i fear, it will be too late. the thought of revolt will be as absurd as sheep protesting the price of mutton. Iran was inevitable, in order to secure the bottom line of control for the world banker elites, the US will continue to do whatever it deems necessary to maintain this. The real problem is the international debt-money system that leaves countries beholdant to the interests of these bankers, who sole stated purpose is to make maximum profit, not to empower the citizenry. Many politicians over time have tried to abolish this system of debt-money, all have been silenced with either silver or led. Ideas aren't so bullet proof it seems.