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Put on 4 ya city!!

Hey, it's ya boi, $tatic G, (b*k*a Da Bo$$ 2oon!!!)!!! Im just here tryna put Fort Worth, Texas on the map mayne!!!! Everybody's always talking about why Funkytown ain't comin' up like our surrounding cities, and the answer is, because we are not even supporting each other or tryna do anything 2 come up!!! We are gonna have 2 start being their for our Artists, whether it be male or female, and whether you think they have what it takes or not!!! We ain't never gonna get nowhere if we don't encourage and support each other!!! If yall wanna be in the limelight, all yall gotta do is SHOW SOME SUPPORT 2 ONE ANOTHER!!! We spend multiple amounts of time on the computer anyway, so why not take five or ten minutes 2 go and checc out our citys' local Artists? Quit being selfish and arrogant & support one another if you ever wanna get our city anywhere!! Show some love 2 our city like you do the artists that have made it mainstream already!!! We go spend 100's and 100's of dollars to go see someone that is way across the U.S.A, but can't spend $5, $10, $15 or $20 to help our own people out, right here, in Fort Worth!!! Dallas is doing their thang and I take my hat off to them cuz they are supporting each other, but damn, what are we doing? Absolutely nothing but wanting to shoot up each other and kill one another!!! I'm tired of our city being left behind because we can't overcome our differences like adults and be productive!!! Then, what do we tell our kids, "Man, you hear how that music sounds in the slab?!!" or "You wanna be like Pac when you get older?" Yeah right!! Pac showed love 2 everybody, especially his city!!! We've got 2 start making power moves at home if we ever wanna go global!! That's Square Business!! Start standing up for one another and supporting one another if you ever want Fort Worth to get anywhere so that we won't keep using the excuses that Funkytown is broke so we have 2 go rob one another, kill one another, be mad at this "cat" cuz you don't have what they have, go sell dope or break into someone's house/apartment cuz we not on T.V.!! I love Fort Worth 2 death, and I'm a nobody, but I bet if we start turning the tables and encouraging one another that we can be and will be just as big as New York, California, Georgia, Miami and so on..... It's our time 2 shine and we can do it!! I'm not begging no one 2 support me, but it makes to much sense for us to be the only major city that I know has talent still strugglin' 2 get their shine!! We gotta do better, and it starts with home, Fort Worth, (Fo' Murda Worth, Funky Town), Texas!!! What we gonna do??!!