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An Invitation From A Northern Light

O.K. it is precisely 3:47am on Friday 20th August 2010 and it seems like a fine time to start our correspondence with you guys and girls, men and women, lady boys or otherwise, all are welcome here. I called this an 'invitation from A Northern Light' because when putting this little ensemble together, we had a very strong, specific objective in mind as to what kind of band we wanted to be. At this time in one's life (around the darker side of the 20's) you are starting to feel like this next venture into the music industry could very well be your last. The blind faith and optimism at the beginning has started to show signs of erosion and there is a touch of fear present that in the past, youthful arrogance would have papered over. That is the reason we adopted the attitude that if this is the final bite of the cherry, we should be one hundred percent true to ourselves and do what we love most. Having written for the last few months I think we are at a point where the songs are starting to sound like a familiar bunch, relatives of each other, derived from the same nucleus. Due to the other worldly element the addition of synths have had on our music, the lyrical content has followed suit and there is a definite 'rallying of the troops' feel to the narrative at most times. Basically we are inviting anyone who feels excited or emotive about our music to get involved with us in the process, be part of it,help create something a tad more universal. Our thinking is, a band is four guys, if four guys can assemble a network of talented and or driven folks around them then the chances of success go up a few notches. If you are someone who might fit into this category, like a promoter or film maker, someone interested in recording or a music fan who just wants to be involved in something they love we invite you to join us on our journey, contribute and expand A Northern Light. We want our music to be heard in all genres, modern rock, dance, DnB, acoustic, orchestral and so on. Our belief is that music is the most magical fucking thing in this world, a view we know is shared by many of you also, sometimes it just takes that courage to let go, immerse yourself in it and run with it, I do realize how this sounds by the way, but if you don't think big then how can you change anything? How can you convince anyone your worth having around if you don't blindly, stubbornly believe in what you have to offer? This we are learning fades with age but I can still feel enough of it in our veins to make this happen. If you find some of this makes sense to you, please drop us a line! MAKE IT HAPPEN!