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Around The World Twice is a story of true loyal friendship.

Ashley is a successful half Black-half Latina female living a glamorous lifestyle of a Hollywood movie star, or so it would seem, if you were on the outside looking in. Truth is, she is tired of failed relationships and is fearful of being alone. She struggles to find love and begins to question herself.

Lillian cashed in on the normal life of a housewife early...marrying the guy all the girls wanted back in high school, house, white picket fence, etc….she was living the American Dream. Her dream life soon becomes one that resembles a nightmare, leaving her vulnerable.

After an invitation and a lot of persuasion from her friend Ashley, Lillian decides to leave the security of her long time home in New York and move to Los Angeles. It is there that she realizes maybe she has more in her life to change than she may have initially thought...

Around The World Twice is a story about two best friends whose lives are synonymous, despite the different social circles they traveled in. It is a story of true friendship in which both ladies, together, contribute to building each other up in order to become better and stronger women, as well as triumphant for love of self and one another. There is no fantasy here. This was written about our personal experiences. It’s very rare for a celebrity to completely open up her life to the world… admitting her life isn’t always “peaches and cream”, especially knowing she is going to be citied for it. It might cause controversy and will cause speculation. We are up for the challenge. The best selling magazines in this country are based on scandal and gossip. This book gives the consumer a chance to be nosey with the confidence that in everything they read is the truth. The only thing is can they connect the dots because names were changed.

Goal The group that we are targeting is 18-50. This is the same age as Cherie’s fan base from her acting career. The goal is to have this book hit every major market possible all the places her movies sell from Barnes and Noble, to Boarders, Crown Books, to Wal-Mart and Target stores, as well as Amazon.com. The plan is to saturate the country and sell at least 100 books in every state the first six months, and then expand to a foreign market. Cherie has a 27-year worldwide fan base, so the plan is to piggy back off of her movie career and integrate books into her films as product placement, also crossing over into the Spanish market. We are looking forward to touring the country, book signings, magazines, radio, talk shows, and book launching parties all around the world.