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New Song for 2016

Hi all, long time no post!!

Recorded this today, underneath a duvet...

Only put a bit of reverb on it, quite happy. Never really attempted a 'diva' song today, but pretty proud of myself. It was only the second take, and sung straight through.

I think it's a stellar effort, as I haven't sung in a really long time.

Speak soon, and thanks for visiting.


New fans and chart position

Hi all, due to some amazing support , I reached no.36 in the charts this week. What an awesome Christmas present. Thank you so much. I'm working on creating some new music and hopefully will be able to release this in the new year. Also, I'm learning guitar and hoping to get out and do some open mike nights early 2015. Thanks again, to all those who have supported me. Louise

New Crazy Dreams Track

So!! I recorded this through my iPhone mic and through the Garage Band app. It was sung straight through with only a little reverb put on it. I am really happy with this :)


If you like my track(s) please become a fan. It will help me greatly!! Thanks xx


Thanks to the www.sound-board.com who recorded and mixed all the songs for me.

Also to any of you who have given me encouragement - I don't think I would have put these songs up without you xxx


So... I have my tracks, my promo photos and a design for the CD now I just need to fans and a bit of luck. Help support me if you like what you hear.