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Silent Night, Deadly Star Bar

So, here we are, one month out from our big show at The Star Bar in Atlanta, and the excitement level is getting higher and higher. We're working on new songs for the show, as well as our upcoming debut full length album. We're trying to work some things out to record a good bit of the album in December. Very exciting times.

We couldn't be more excited about the line up for December 4th. Dixie is opening the show with a full set of his solo original music! A lot of you guys came out to see him in October at Masquerade music park, and know his set was significantly shortened, so he was wanting to hop on another bill and bring the thunder for you! It'll be our first show with FishHawk! We're really stoked for that! This is Charlie writing, and I went to high school with a few of the guys from FH. It'll be a really fun time. They have a cool sound, I always tell people "It's Depeche Mode on lsd instead of pills." for some reason, that not only makes sense to me, but seems to make sense to the people I tell.

Anyway, I'll get nerd on you, cause that's what we do. I'm really excited about the new material we are writing. I think a big theme of what we do in this band is "Do things you love to do, things that sound good to you, but do them in a way you haven't done them before." So, a lot of the songs will change moods, change rhythms. It's a fun process. We're writing a new one where we are working out the kinks to have the vocal melody be a call & response style round to the melody Dixie plays for lead on the guitar. Does that make sense? Think "row row row your boat", how it repeats. Now, forget everything else to do with rrryb. Oooo, as a personal treat for me, I've given myself the next lyrical challenge in writing a song that parallels elements of life to The Wizard of Oz, metaphorically, and call it "The Cowardly Lyin" It may be a flop, but I feel like between me and Dixie, we did ok on the idea of writing "Frank N Stein" from the perspective of the conscious but buried soul inside Frankenstein's monster. Almost a sympathy piece, if you will. Anyway, the idea is to write it to where the listener would have no idea you were doing that, but that's the fun part.... trying to sneak a little clever into the rock n roll. And it's oh so dirty.