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Calling Frank

Frank: I don’t want to trade. My name is Allison. I want American Money. Do you have an rv for sale frank. I’ll level with you. I could use a place to stay. Frank: No I will give you 900 dollars for the bike and your dodge neon frank. But you’d be a sucker to take that. You coulda had a car from the nineties. Frank: 900 dollars for just he bike. 400 dollars for the bike. Frank: 550 dollars for the bike and you’ve got a deal. Will you take 545 for the bike frank? Frank: Deal Okay that’s what I thought. If you’ll take 545 for the bike, you’ll take 497 dollars for the bike. Frank: uuhhhhhh…. Hahahaha… I knew it all along frank! 450 dollars and the bike is mine frank! HAHAHAHA!!! Frank: (sigh) OK What frank? What did you say? Frank: I said okay. 450 dollars and the bike is yours. Chuckle… I knew you were yellow belly frank. Frank: Do you need directions to my place? I need some time to think this over. I will call you back later I’m gonna go and think this over. (later) Ok I just watched Top Gun on youtube. I mean the part with the bike. I didn’t watch the rest of it but I think I will later. I have always liked that movie. I remember the first time my parents ever let me watch that movie. I was 11. Good times frank. Anyway. I’ve decided I definetly know that I want that bike, but I’m not sure how much I want it. That bike is bad assed. And tom Cruise is bad assed. But I really feel like that movie was poorly directed. And besides we both know there really isn’t any such thing as a navy top gun program. So I’ll give you 300 dollars for the bike. Frank: 450 is as low as I’ll go. (indignant) Have you ever had one of your bikes stolen from your garage? I haven’t. Do you wanna know why I’m so damned successful at bike security? Frank: (silence) Well do you? Frank: (silence) Do you wanna know my secrets? Frank: No Do you have the bike registered? Frank: Needs a new tail light. Do you think I’m a sucker like you frank?!!! 350 dollars is the most I will give you. Frank: Okay. Open title? Frank: Its in my Godfather’s name. No DEAL!!! Frank: What about the 98 4dr Saturn? Can I still get that at least? I cut my hair the other day, I got a vaporizer, a bio diesel engine, and I started tripping shrooms. I didn’t take any shrooms. I just tripped them. Frank: Look, I will throw in my purple 1993 Dodge Neon. Please god justlet me have that Saturn of yours. Do you have a wife frank? Frank: yeah Do you have a daughter Frank? Frank: Now, Wait just a second assho… Ok I’m gonna level with you frank. I’m with the department of alcohol and firearms and we have reason to believe that you were involved with a murder and theft. Gun point robbery and murder frank. Tell me I’m wrong. I want to believe you Frank. Frank: Oh Shit. Watch your language when your speaking with a an officer of the law! Do you have a wife and kids frank? Frank: Yes I do. Please, I don’t want to go to jail I have a family? Is your wife hot? Let me describe my wife to you frank. Her name is is Jennifer. She is a gorgeous blonde with a hard, sexy body. She has nice firm tits and an ass that turns heads wherever she goes. Jennifer also has an extreme passion for showing herself off whenever the mood strikes her. She is 36 and she has freckles on her bosoms. Being an exhibitionist, she likes to wear short skirts and low cut tops without anything on underneath; that way she can flash herself to anyone she wants to wherever she wants to. Ever since she started flashing herself to strange men she has had a desire to engage in threesomes with another man. We have fantasized about this many times while we have sex, and even participated in a couple, but have still been pursuing the perfect situation. I have a fairly large to decent sized penis, so it’s safe to say… (beeeeeeep)