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Wolf What....?!?!?

Fellow Wolf-a-maniacs. Our first year together as a band is coming to a close and we can't begin to thank everyone enough for all the help they have been getting us off the ground. As this new year begins we will be playing a Showcase at the Hard Rock in Boston. We are going to be looking for the support of all our loyal fans as well as new ones we continue to meet. Stay tuned for details and be a part of a wild party to ring in the new year!!!!

I say Wolf, you say....

Hello Wolf-a-maniacs. This is our first blog entry, and we are excited to bring it to you! To tell you new comers first off, we are all about you! The only reason we enjoy playing shows and making music is for you guys! We love to party, and we love partying with all of you... and the ladies of course. ;) We have a show at the hardrock coming up Sep 17th, and hope we get to see you all out there. We will be doing the bus trip down there, which any of you wolfpack veterans know -- this is a fuckin killer time. Booze boobs bitches and boys. Life dont get much better than that. Love you all. RnR