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Yetis in the studio

We have quietly and secretly hard at work on our first album for The Baja Yetis, and we think you are going to like it. A wide selection of our yeti styles is represented in this collection of original Baja Yeti tunes! Yes, original tunes. We keep on slipping away into the Yeti lair every chance we have to record more. Check out the photos we have been posting to see how we are doing this in our own Yeti lair. Everything sounds amazing so far, thanks to Brandon at the controls. We have been leading up to this for over four years, the Baja Yetis first original album! Stay tuned!!!

Gearing up for 2014 Festivals

That's right, even though it is cold outside, the Yetis are planning far ahead for this years fun in the sun doing festivals. We are in contact with many really awesome venues, and are hammering out the details. We are hoping to be present at a lot more venues than we were last year, to spread the Yeti love around even more. The response we get at festivals is unbelievable, and we are so excited to have been asked to play at many of our favorites this year. Keep an eye out, we will be posting the details soon. We can say this much, you should have a chance to catch us many many times at most of your favorite festys this year. Want to make sure you get to see the Yetis at your favorite event?? Why not email the festival and tell them how much you love our funky Yeti ways, and how we would be a great addition to any line up. Thanks so much for supporting us, and for grooving with us over the years. The Yeti

New Yeti Originals!

That's right, it is finally time that we start to unleash the new songs we crafted during our annual December hibernation. Loads of new funky, fresh tunes, from many a different Yeti members. These songs are really grooving, and we are so proud of them. We will be adding more and more new tunes into the set list over the next several shows. We hope you love em, and that they make your booty wiggle!

Fat Tuesday with The Baja Yetis

This is no ordinary Yeti show, this is no ordinary day... THIS IS MARDI GRAS!!!!! As some of you know our band has quite a few ties to New Orleans and we like to think that it comes out in our sound. Well according to Willie's Locally Known it does because they have invited us in to play during their Mardi Gras party on Fat Tuesday, Feb 12. We are letting it all hang out and we are going to get down and dirty. Yeti second line tunes with an expanded horn section (Can anybody say TUBA!!!!) The night will be incredible and so will the food. Chef Ben is going to be a busy man with his famous gumbo, a crawfish broil and even hot beignets for dessert. Come one come all and come hungry. We will satisfy you and swish you away to the sounds and feel of New Orleans. See Ya There, Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!

We're getting to open for The Mike Dillon Band

Just a reminder of the fantastic show coming up in a few weeks. Thursday, March 8th at Cosmic Charlies we have the wonderful opportunity to open for The Mike Dillon Band! Mike is a percussionist extraordinaire, and one of the sickest vibraphonist on the planet!

If you don't know Mike Dillon then you haven't been paying attention. He's in Critters Buggin', Garage A Trois, Les Claypool's Flying Frog Brigade, The Dead Kenny G's, Hairy Apes BMX, Malachy Papers and many many other incredible jam bands.

This plus The Baja Yetis? Can all this coolness happen at one time? In one place? Well yeah it can, and it will. But just to make sure for yourself, get your ass down there and shake what your mamma gave you!

New Yeti Toons

Hey Yeti Heads! We've been really busy lately working up some ORIGINAL Yeti songs, and we're betting you're gonna like 'em. In the meantime we have uploaded several tasty nuggets from our last few shows. Enjoy!

Busy Yetis are Happy Yetis

It's been a lot of work and we've gone through several changes but here we are, a 7 piece band that seems to fit just right. Holler in the Holler is just around the corner and after that were back at Cosmic Charlies for the Groove Manifesto CD release party. Come on out and have some Yeti style fun and shake what your momma gave you!

Gearing up for HollerScream

we are really busting our tails getting everything ready to play out at HomeGrown HideAways this Oct. 30 for HollerScream Spooktacular!!! We have some special guests lined up and a few special tunes ready to help celebrate the witching season. Remember, the gates open at 3 pm, there's a full day of fun and games for everyone. The music kicks in at 7 pm with MudPi then at 9:30 The Baja Yetis take the stage, round midnight the late night open jams start up, be sure to bring your ax and jump in and jam out with everyone.

Come on out, camp and party with The Baja Yetis.

Yeti Sightings

Hey hey everybody, here's a little Baja Yeti update for your soul. We have been working REALLY hard getting ready for HollerScream, coming up very soon. We have so many surprises in store for everyone, you won't even believe it.

We're working away and getting a bunch more songs ready to roll, starting to get gigs lined up and get all our Yetis in a row.

Keep it funky!