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The Subsurface Interview Dec 2014

Check out the interview I did for the show The Subsurface featuring A Ghost in the way and many others. I discuss last years release of "Event Horizon", new projects, compilations as well as the 2015 CD "Asleep 2 Believe" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcG0eioCPEU&list=UU7V7-SXbeycNn5XxDmXAm4w&index=1

Future plans

I've decided to make some more videos for my songs. I have songs on "Precincts Of Thought" & "Event Horizon" that I haven't explored from a vdeo perspective. I will keep them in the same vein creatively as the others I've done. I get better with each one I do, I like the way I've done the ones so far cause a picture is "worth a thousand words" as they say,and they have a heavy impact. I'm gonna make one for "Marry Way" next and then on to others.

Also have been debating doing either a free mixtape or a full on album, but a full on album takes a LOT of work and planning, and though I've had ideas and my creative juices are flowing I'm not sure if its something I wanna tackle just yet. I got loads of resources for beats just outside of my circle of people I've worked with. There's some good beats but nothing I've listened to by cats outside my circle have went mortal kombat, ripped my hear out and said "I WILL POSSESS YOUR SOUL TO WRITE ANOTHER ALBUM" then crush my heart and your hear a voice say 'FLAWLESS VICTORY" with a demonic laugh just yet....I'm tinkering with the mixtape thing. It is intriguing, cause that's how I started back in 1996 I used to go to the warehouse music store in phoenix at what is now Desert Sky Mall but was then West Ridge Mall. I'd buy cassette singles that had instrumentals, Master P, AZ, Biggie, and I would have my radio play the instrumental, and I'd rap live, with a tape recorder recording the vocal and instrumental playback, it then evolved to when I got a Kareoke machine with one of my first checks when I worked at Fry's marketplace hahah,

anyhow, I'm also assembling my poems and song lyrics for a book i wanna do, I'm having a dear friend of mine read them all and see if she can come up with a book cover design.

I'm always creating or thinking of something and while the process of doing what I do for albums and msic, the business side of it, takes its toll on my, the wearing of multiple hats. I wish they had RN when I first started out, when I had my first album, which came out on tape, through Disc Makers in 1999. But I always say I'm done since like 2006 but the game always calls me back, cause i just love making music, love writing, it's in my marrow, my soul, I can't stop even if I wanted to.....


Making "Event Horizon" origin story

“Making Event Horison”

Just released my CD "Event Horizon" and am happy to finally have it fully birthed out of my system. I had the Idea at the tail end of recording "Precincts Of Thought". I was watching this special on the discovery channel and they were talking about black holes and the term "Event Horizon" came up, and everything that entailed to what it is/was. I like science, space, and was enthralled by the idea of it. The terms just sparked a fire and i knew that I would eventually make a CD with that title, Originally it wasn't to be a concept album they way "Precincts Of Thought" was, but over time elements from the CD spanned into the new one, current events, interweaves with life/personal thoughts and feelings.

I had a few different CD covers, 4 to be exact during the 3 years it took to complete the Cd, in the end the 3rd idea got morphed and a collage came to be one night, rather quickly and the result is what you see now. I always liked the Liberty weeping picture. I caught flak for using it, but I defend it simply for the fact that I took this basic picture and made it something more, I tailored it and had it reflect my songs. It is an amazing cover and I'm very proud of it.

It was a lot of fun making "Event Horizon", Long time collaborators and even some new ones that I haven't met signed on through my producer Kieng and his partner Ryn-D. When I got stuck, someone had an idea and proposed it, and we ran with it.

I wrote the chorus for "Marry Way", it took me a while to write to the melody, but the beat cut my soul in such an artistic way, I just had to bleed it through my pen, The chorus came first, and then they verses. I re wrote the second half of the second verse twice. It's an amazing song that I wrote for my wife. She's been so supportive.

Life on Trial, World Turns & Shadow Banks, were initially to be used on "Precincts Of Thought" and another project I was going to do with Adam Albert for a duo we were gonna do, but it never came to fruition. So they were just beats and off the cuff topics. They got revamped and became concept songs. Rule the world came about rather simply. Got into contact with my longtime homie A Voice and he agreed to assist me on it and it flowed from Shadow Banks and Life on Trial which we did far earlier in the albums recording process.

The corner stones that compelled me to make this CD were: “They Believe”, “Marry Way”, “Middle Finger” and “Right Spot.. Just the beats alone cut in my soul very deeply, and what I felt inside, demanded to be expressed. I toiled endlessly on the chorus for “Marry Way” and “Whether They Believe”, I wrote to the melody but my phrasing just wasn’t working, erased lines, changed words. In the end what you hear is the result of this creative bleeding.

“World Turns” I wrote the verses first, and got in touch with longtime friend Chuck kinion to see if he’d write and sing the chorus, which he was enthusiastic to do. He recorded it with Adam at my studio.

Kieng and I agreed that “Middle Finger” & “Right Spot” were dope and needed remixes. New artists whom I hadn’t worked with before came out the woodworks with phenomenal verses, Keno, Confession, Sofujidtheeidiot. The result is a re take on two already fantastic songs.

All in all I gave my all and then some on this CD, It was an adventure, and wouldn’t be the way it is without the assistance of all the featured artists and friends. It was harder making this album that “Precincts Of Thought”, I hope you all appreciate this CD as much as I do, If “Precincts Of Thought” was Omega, than “Event Horizon” is its alpha.

Exciting times

Am in heavy preparation and planning for the release of my new CD "Event Horizon". Its been 4 years since I've released "Precincts Of Thought",

There's nothing like hearing a finished album and seeing your vision become realized. I've just finished creating the CD artwork, it can be seen at www.facebook.com/bison.musik

I've been sending out press kits, notifying fans handling the legal work, fees, distribution, getting all this in place for what I hope will be a successful launch of my 6th CD.

It would not have been possible without the hard work and talent of my collaborators,, Kieng, Ryn-D, Adam Albert, Voice, Keno, Coach, Confession, Chuck Kinion & Sofujid Thee idiot. Together we have created a damn good CD. I was privileged to have had the opportunity to work with old friends as well as new artists whom I've not met before

It will be released on Reverbnation April 5th 2013 and trickle to the other major outlets such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon.com, Rhapsody, Xbox Live, and many, many others thanks to Catapult.

I look forward to hearing form you all and what you have to say upon hearing this excellent album

Let's get it!! Bison Musik

internet radio

I came across a new internet radio station called talk to city, I have sent them my press kit in hopes of expanding my current exposure and make some new fans and friends www.talktocity.com Any artists that haven't heard of them I encourage you to check them out and tell the Bison Musik referred you. I'm anxious to see what they say in response to my request. I can already be heard on rhapsody, itunes, radioairplay and spotify, and possibly some other that i am unaware of through my 2 distribution companies.

Bison Re issues past albums

I have re issued my past 4 CD's and re released "Precincts Of Thought", Cueently all 5 CD's can be purchased on my Reverbnation page and soon "Event Horizon" will be available.

I will be releasing all CD's incrementally worldwide through Catapult Distribution and Spit Digital Distribution. "Event Horizon" and "Precincts of Thought" are at the forefront naturally. The list of my albums and original release years are as follows:

1999 The Odyssey 2003 Version 11.0 2004 Pitch Blaq 2006 Forward lateral 2009 Precincts Of Thought 2013 Event Horizon


wanna say thanks to my fans in Great Brtian, El Salvador, Denmark, and Australia as well as in the U.S, thank you for your support, Props to Rhapsody, Spotify and many other companies. Its nice to have your work recognized.

"Event Horizon" nearing completion

The follow up to 2009's "Precincts Of Thought" is nearly finished in the mixing and mastering stages and Reverbnation fans will get the exclusive prior to worldwide distribution. "Event Horizon" featuring the bangers "Middle Finger", "Marry Way", "Right Spot" and "Rule The World" COMING VERY SOON STAY TUNED =)

Reach and Exposure

been networking and promoting a lot lately as I am prepping the upcoming release of "Event Horizon". I'm excited for the release.

two new websites i'm using are www.numberonemusic.com/bisonakabisonmusik


I always network, promote, and advertise in as many ways as possible and keep all my sites linked to my Reverbnation page and iTunes page. There isn't one site that I'm on that won't lead you to nearly every page or digital store be it in the US or overseas. Been gearing up for the new release and with all the work i've put in i'm hoping all goes according to plan. This is very exciting for me both personally and professionally.


music video "Middle Finger"

Am in the process of making a video for the upcoming CD "Event Horizon", the song is called "Middle Finger" it is the OFFICIAL single from the new CD.

It is in the same style that I made my two previous videos "Life On Trial" & "World Turns", i get better each time I make one, Fans will like this video equally more so due to the conciseness of it and professionalism.

I like making videos in this manner, i think it gives me more creative control to fully express intricately what the song is about, plus a picture says a thousand words and can be taken multiple ways.

No artists do it this way anymore, everybody's stuck on these wannabe mini movies flossing their "bling" and stank ho's, whips n cribs. I didn't begin in Hip Hop for that shit, it was strictly for spiritual and creative purposes while trying to Honor the pioneers who came before me.

To all my fans old and new thx for the love and support. I truly believe you will like the new CD I guarantee it.

one love Bison 10/25/2012 Grayslake IL