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MPC Update

Hi! You look really good today. Did you get your haircut?

Happy to say that the silence is almost over for MPC. Aniko and I have been building on ideas and songs over the last month or so and have about 6 solid ones to show Matt when he's back in the states. I've started lining up shows as well in March and April and there's more that need to be confirmed.

So that's that. We sure do miss playing live and loud as we are acoustic and sitting on the floor as we write:) See you soon!


Winter is upon us(and I feel fine)

It's been a fun Fall: We played our first gigs and released our first EP and have began working on the next. It's an exciting time to be making music. Kansas City has some really good bands here and we're excited to be a part of it.

So, the winter. Our drummer is taking off for sunnier places for a couple months, which leaves Aniko and I to keep active. I have a musical I'm working on and will hopefully be close to ready to start putting together in the Spring. If you or anyone you know have good acting, singing, or musical talents, I'd love to meet them.

So tonight we're setting up and playing the infamous Newsroom. It's not an official show by any means but it'll be fun nonetheless. Cheers! Here's to 2011 being your year, baby!

four on the floor

the songs we're about to release are ones we started working on back in March. we seem to write very organically. Sometimes the song comes together over a couple months- sometime in a couple minutes. All in all though these songs all fit together nicely and have the same type of stories and energy to them.

I think what we'd like to do now is release these- get them into people's hands and then record and release another 4 or 5 in a few months.