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Wow, I'm pumped that so many folks are downloading the new single on ITUNES. I'm not sure if its available on other sites yet, will be soon. The comments rolling in are so great. Billy Bob and I put a lot of heart in this song,even though it came together so quickly. We've decided to release several new singles over the next few weeks.Stay tuned. The next single to be released is called SOMETHING 'BOUT YOU BABY. The Rooster Trail is going to be rocking with brand new tunes, so crank it up. Don't forget about the Adventures of Roosterboy CD that's available as an album download, or singles. If you like BRING IT ON, you'll like the others. We'll be gearing up for new tour dates soon, and we hope to see you guys out there somewhere! Thanks again for downloading my music, I appreciate it so much!

BRING IT ON Released as Single

Our brand new single was released today on ITUNES.This tune is always one of the fan favs in our live shows, and I'm thrilled we finally are able to release it. BRING IT ON, was written by me and my old pal, Academy Award winning actor and awesome musician, Billy Bob Thornton. We wrote the tune about 4 a.m. one morning after each of us had had our limit of 2 Bud Lights! (Watch out now) We obsessed on the tune, started recording it in the studio in LA by 9a.m. and it was done by 5. I did the vocals and BBT added his very cool backing vocals. His 4 on the Floor drumming on the tune really drives it home. Guitars were a blast, I used a Frank Zappa model SG, through a Live65 Amp. For the chiming arpeggio rhythm guitar, I was fortunate to grab an old Ventures Mosrite, that was actually given to BBT and autographed by the Ventures themselves! I ran it through and old Silvertone amp that had its quirky vibe which cuts through the tracks. Since it was just me and Billy Bob in the studio at the time, I also laid down the bass track, which I always love, since I started out on the bass, somewhere after the Civil War. Billy Bob's studio has a great old '65 P Bass, and we ran it through one of the old Ampeg Flip up B15 rigs. Really hoping everybody enjoys the tune. The lyrics are very southern, my lead tone has that Texas Lightning sizzle, that engineer Jim Mithchel (Guns & Roses) helped me conjure up. Its a little different direction than some of my other tunes, but I really enjoyed cutting the track. My old buddy, Philip Martin, of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, said my vocals reminded him of Warren Zevon. I'll take that anyday! So drop a buck on my new tune, BRING IT ON, and stop back by and let us know how you like it. Thanks for hanging with the Roosterboy Crank it up Michael Shipp