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Pushing too hard!

Hello Fellow Rockers, Thank you for all the recent support and lovin’. We are very fortunate and would not be able to exist and progress without all help and affection. We will be spending the next 2 weeks on an adventure to the astral plane in search of warm-fuzzy frequencies to harness. We are stoked to be going into the friendly ecosystem and a realm full of good vibes, a.k.a. The Bubble Studio. We will be working with the rock n roll wizard himself, Frenchie Smith. With the right people, the proper tools, a focused mindset, and some introspection we can expect to grasp the sound of the sun. We will keep you updated as we move onward into the future. -B.A

Rock and Roll is alive in Austin

There are some good things going down in the weeks to come. We will keep you posted.