2-16-2013: Day One: Don't call it a come-back!

Today is Saturday February 16, 2013. After 7 months apart, the original members of 49 Til Midnight met at Oasis Studios in Tempe, AZ with their new keyboardist, April Anne. The bulk of the session consisted of freestyle improv, though some of the songs from 'Wheels of Ezekiel' were touched on. The future looks promising, By applying a new sound, dynamic and vision to the sessions, the framework is being set for the bands return.


Man I hate blogging. I dont mind blog in general. I like reading blogs. Just freakin hate maintaining a blog.

Wheels of Ezekiel

We're wrapping up 2011 with 2 big shows: the release of our record 'Wheels of Ezekiel' @ Joe's Grotto on November 11 and a spot on the Tempe tour stop for 'Me Talk Pretty' and 'Hell or Highwater' at the Clubhouse in Tempe on December 5th. Our bassist, Brevvy Solomon, will temporarily be replaced by Jesse Simpson of 'In Memory Of' on bass for the December 5th show and possibly other shows in the month of December. He will return after the Dec 5 show or in January. We look forward to going out with a bang in 2011. See you all 1 week from today at our record release show! xoxo cheers salud

Summer 2011

So we kicked off our summer with an amazing show w/ SHE WANTS REVENGE & NICO VEGA @ The Clubhouse Music Venue in Tempe, AZ tonight. Our summer schedule will be short, as we are deep in recording our debut album tentavively called 'Judah' with producer Max Ontiveros @ Studio 747 in Tempe. The album will be recorded mostly analog in a live setting. We are applying our previous material as well as new material to a classic rock/vinyl record concept. The goal is to create modern rock songs that embrace a classic rock sound. If all falls into place, the album wil be released on 11/11/11 on vinyl, CD and digitally online. You can preview a demo version of one of the new songs, 'Darling' on this page. Next AZ show is July 16 @ Sundance's in Prescott. See you there!

Eric Cut His Hair

Well. Eric is back in the band. What?! He wasn't in the band? Well kinda. . . but that doesn't matter. What matters is this: we are recording and album to be released 11/11/11 AND we are playing w SHE WANTS REVENGE this summer. Next show is 6/16 @ The Clubhouse in Tempe. Oh! And Eric cut his hair. And Fenyx had a party today but I couldnt attend. And Brevvy has the darndest stories. Whatever. Cheers.


49 TIL MIDNIGHT will be playing their first UFO show on April 8th. A portal will open @ the Big Fish Pub @ 8pm. Enter before it closes, and witness the band play @ 9pm. I cant stress this enough: THE BAND'S PERFORMANCE WILL NOT BE AT BIG FISH PUB!!!!!!!...but if you are there at 8pm,you may enter the portal and see them play @ 9pm! Think this is a joke? Try me motherfucker!

49 Til Midnight Lineup Change

As of March one of 49 Til Midnight's founding guitarists, Jon "Braze" Jones is no longer a member of the band. The band will be modifying their existing songs and continue writing and playing live as a quartet.

49 TIL MIDNIGHT: 2010 RECAP (11/28/2010)

49 TIL MIDNIGHT has just finished their final show for 2010 @ The Festival of Flesh, held Joe's Grotto in Phoenix on Saturday November 27. The next scheduled show is February 12,2010 @ The Marquee Theatre in Tempe,AZ with Badfish. 2010 was the inaugural year for the hard rock quintet which debuted on January 29 @ Big Fish Pub in Tempe,AZ. Since the debut show, 49 TIL MIDNIGHT has built a solid local following through networking and selling their live show, playing premier venues such as The Clubhouse Music Venue, Martini Ranch, Joe's Grotto, Club Red, 910 Live and the famous Marquee Theatre. They have also touched on the national music scene by sharing the stage with popular national acts such as Paper Tongues, She Wants Revenge, Soulfly, Lucero and several others. For the rest of 2010 the band will focus on writing and planning their debut record. tentatively, recording demo material and pre-production is planned for late this year. Production and recording of the completed project should begin in early 2011, with an EP available in the spring. Stay in tune with the band's progress. The band can be found by google searching '49 TIL MIDNIGHT' and is present on all major media and social networking sites. They will be featured soon in the Phoenix New Times, so keep an eye out! It's been a killer debut year. Thank you for the support!