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We're Still Going!!

It's been a crazy 2016! We've started and are still working on a new CD. Perhaps by spring we'll be done!

Update on Doings

It's been a year since guitarist Rick Levine and bassist Bill Fisher joined forces with us. We're now Lydia & Phil & Rick & Bill - or sometimes known as Lydia & Phil & The Boys! Still in studio working on an eclectic CD and having some real fun!!!

Expanding Lydia & Phil

We've recently been joined by two wonderful musicians, Bill Fisher & Rick Levine, for some new adventures into old blues, contemporary folk, and even jug band music. Having some great fun making music!!!

Shifting Gears

Well...looks like we're shifting gears, moving more toward early country blues. We're out to interpret rather than copy what we hear so that the songs will be a 'living' tribute to the old. We'll still write our own and, as always, have some fun!

Studio Time & Giging

Well, we're finally working on a new cd and starting to go for gigs again. We'll see how the summer shapes up. Looking forward to getting back out there after a long hiatus.

Christmas Lullaby

Recorded at WCCA Channel 13 Community TV in Worcester last year, we're happy to add this tune to our collection. Phil wrote the music; I supplied the lyrics. It's 'old-fashion' and heartfelt...

Heading Back to the Studio!!!

We've got new tunes to record as we work on next CD!

Taking a Break!

Hey! We've taken a holiday break until Jan. 23 when we'll be at the Raven!

Woodshed Time

Whew! Burnt a lot of midnight oil preparing for cd release party for 'If I Had My Way' ! Now, it's back to the woodshed, crafting new tunes. Should have another cd in a month or so!

Opening for Dr. Maya Angelou

We had such a thrilling time meeting and performing for Dr. Maya Angelou. What a gracious lady. She got us a second applause as she commented on our performance!!!