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Keep on keepin on

We're gonna keep on keepin on cause that's what we do! Thanks everybody for the support! Tell a friend and y'all get it or keep it!!!!


This is the first I'm able to say on facebook that Friday night was sensational!!! #Charlotte like #Forty-Two Tribute like #Amos Southend like...

Get Hypnotized!

Get "Hypnotized". Free download for fans and anyone who hits the "Become a Fan" button! Thx again y'all..you're the best!

Choo choo

Thanks again Fresh Cafe! Always enjoy hanging with the crew!! See ya in two weeks! Next stop: Aviator Brewing this Saturday night in Fuquay-Varina.

Charlotte gig

there's this folkin' guy (me) playing with this great band (42tribute) may 13th @ amos southend in Charlotte...

April 29th

April 29th 7pm Fresh Cafe, Downtown Fayetteville (Dogwood Fest!)


how is everyone? loaded question? please continue to tell your frenemies and family to become a fan of the reverbnation and fb pages. thx


great show last night thanks sometimez...why? and ruckus for having me. next stop juggling gypsy wilmington tuesday night!

This week!

Fresh Cafe Fayetteville Thursday 6pm. Tipsy Teapot Greenville Friday 7pm. Aces.

this week

Hey folks I'll be at Fresh Cafe this Thursday and Bottega Gallery (Wilmington) this Saturday night. Why not?