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OK so it's been quite a week in the music world. I'm taking the good, and shaking off the rest. I'm working on about 8 new songs and of course the lyrics are the tough part. Hard to say what needs to be said with the sometimes tight constraints of a melody line...but I'm up for the challenge. Later folks. Your ever friendly neighborhood songwriter.

next few days...

your friendly neighborhood songwriter here...carrboro music festival was,well,wet. as i like to say, thanks for the opportunity. but that's OK we needed the rain...deep south downtown raleigh tuesday night around 9. come down (or up depending where u r) and help me get this nashville showcase! as mario says in the video games..."here we go!"

Carrboro Music Fest 9/26 Sunday

Carrboro music fest spot is ON!! I'm scheduled from 2:30-2:55 don't be late!!

new gigs

new gig announcements...26th Carrboro Music Fest (tentative), 28th Deep South Raleigh, Oct 1st Lula's Wilmington (Riverfest), Nov 4th Broad Street in Durham...

Catchin Up!!

Hey folks...radio interview on WCOM went well...a whole hour all about songwriting...sueweet! Next booked gig is the 28th @Deep South downtown Raleighwood...working on a few festivals coming up (fingers or toes crossed (but not both that's bad luck!)) later taters, your friendly neighborhood songwriter

thanks everybody!

thanks for the fannage, listens and any activity that keeps things moving on fb and reverbnation...several gigs in the works for october and november...will keep y'all posted...live it love it!

first blog entry

playing out...open mics and gigs...soo much going on, and it is well with my soul! thanks everybody!