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Happy 67th birthday to the great ozzy ....making metal awesome for 45 years ...long live ozzy

ronnie dio &Randy Meisner

Today we celebrate the birthday of Ronnie James dio ,we still miss him..also we pray for Randy Meisner- former bassest of the eagles suffering from mental illnesses, threatening murder suicide- claiming neighbors dressed like clowns and wanting to kill them...may god take care of him...

B.B.King viewing today

Today was the B.B. King's viewing in las Vegas, las Vegas had a earthquake today .mmmmm thanks B.B. shaking the world one last time , saying goodbye to us.long live the king!!!!

wear blue for B.B. king

Wear blue for B.B. King.may 18-23 for the king of the blues...

R.I .P.B.B. King

Good bye Mr. King you will always be the king of the blues. One of a king a master of your craft you inspired so many .

b.g. king

Sad news blues great b.b.king is a victim of elderly abuse manager has ripped him off 30 million and let b.b.s heath take a turn for the worse.King's daughter had to call police. B.b. is in hospice at his home .let's all say a prayer for him .


It's spring,let's get out there and play in the parks corners subways and any where else you can think of....I know I am...:)

on cd Baby. com

Singal released on CD baby.com here is the link http://cdbaby.com/cd/vinnylilgascancro

happy birthday

Happy birthday to the baroness of blues bonnie raitt :)

johnny winter

July 16 we lost a true bluesman( johnny winter) he was always a great showman who played true from the heart and soul. He inspired so many including yours truly . with his loss we have are singing the blues. R.I.p. Mr. Winter you will be missed. Thanks