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Several Species

I'm excited to announce that I've joined the fantastic Pink Floyd tribute act - Several Species. The band has been wowing audiences with its quadraphonic sound system, stunning light and laser show and flying pig since 1996.

My debut show with the band is Jan 18, 2014 at the Lincoln Theater in DC.

Dave DeMarco signs with Prophase Music label!

BREAKING NEWS: It's official - I've signed my solo deal with the Prophase Music label. This all came about when I left Oblivion Sun last year and label president Michael DeMonte told me "You'll always have a home at Prophase". So I've spent the last year making some serious upgrades to my home studio, getting comfy w/ ProTools and demoing songs.

My plan is to deliver two CDs in 2011. One will be more or less "hard rock", encompassing all my influences from King's X, Black Crowes, Elton John, Kevin Gilbert, et al and will feature my new 15-string bass. I've been tweaking some really insane sounds lately, one in particular that I've been hearing in my head for 20 years now and I finally have it! More on that later. For now though, all I'm going to say about this record is that I'm going to pull a Grohl and play all the instruments (aside from maybe calling in some help for the guitar solos). The songs from this CD will be performed by my trio - the Dave DeMarco Band.

The other CD will appeal to the Oblivion Sun crowd - a total prog/fusion meltdown and will feature songs I've written on keys and baritone guitar. Expect the unexpected with this one; some Latin jazz and even country may get woven in here. This CD will include other players from a new band I've assembled which will also be the live band and will be different from the DDB.

So to recap - two CDs, two live bands, two different genres, one label - Prophase Music. I'm very grateful to be given the enviable opportunity to release music as diverse as this and have it all live under one roof.

Now, I've just gotta deliver some brilliant music to justify my place on the roster!

Thanks for tuning in. More soon...


Need PRO Bass Guitar Tracks?

Leave it to me to make my first blog here nothing more than an advert for my services. How bloody American of me?!?

If you're a singer/songwriter or a band w/o a bassist and have plans to record soon, consider hiring me as Your Session Bassist. I have a handsomely equipped ProTools studio with a top-knotch front end and a vast collection of vintage and modern basses and amps. My rates are super reasonable and I've played virtually every genre of Westernized music known to band-kind.

Whether it's a pre-production demo or the real deal, I'll create bass tracks that will be supportive and which will sound like we've been playing together since the sandbox.

Please visit www.YourSessionBassist.com for more info.